Help! I am need to some guidance on building a team and leveling up!

My Tiburtis is maxed at 8/8 but can still be ascended. He is currently at ascension 3 level one. Can I continue to level up his skills with him being maxed or is he just maxed at that ascension level? I also have Gunnar and have been leveling him up but I don’t fully understand how he is used. As you can see I am pretty new to the game and have no clue what I’m doing. I have Li Xiu and Chao I have been leveling up Chao but not Li Xiu, I’m wondering if I should have leveled her up instead? I also have Belith and am in the process of leveling her up, should I feed her Carver and Berden? I am in need of a good healer. I have a thousand questions on how to build a team. Is Hawkmoon a worthy healer? I haven’t even started leveling her up as I’ve been focused on Belith. I just dont know who is worth leveling and how to build a strong team. I’ve read that keeping all 3* is a good idea for wars. What is the difference between a farming team, defense team, raid team, war team? How do I know who to use for what? Any advice would be great!

Tibs special will not increase over 8/8, but his attack/defense and health will. He is one of the ramming pulvsrizers, very useful in offense and titans.

I like Li over Chao, but others often prefer Chao.

Belith is the best 3* healer, definitely worth leveling. Carver is food, but Berden is a good sniper. Hawkmoon is ok, but Belith is better.

Early in the game, you might want to focus on leveling a rainbow team. Special teams for farming and stacking options you can develop afterwards.

You might want to feed heroes with same color feeders, as it gives more xp. Feed with 1* until special gets maxed, mix of 1*-2* afterwards.

Joining a training alliance would help your development and save you from some frustration and mistakes. Also don’t feed away your Bane. :wink:

Good luck!


You should keep leveling Tiburtis to 4/70. The special is a separate thing. His power will go up with level not special.

Gunnar has spririt link. He can be used to lengthen your raid. Kind of like a healer would. Say you have Tiburtus and he gets hit for 100 damage. This 100 damage will spread over all the heros so each will take 20 damage. Just used a round number for ease.

Chao or Li Xiu are good heros early on. Li is more durable and could be used as a tank for your defense team. Chai is a bit squishier but fast mana. I would lean toward Li imo.

Keep going with Belith. Where you are at I would keep your 3* around until you get better. So Carver and Berden should stick around for a little bit. You will need 30 heros for wars eventually. Feed these as you get better heros.

There aren’t many 3* healers. Hawkmoon is decent. What else do you have for Red?

Right now you will probably have 1 team for raiding, defense, titan, and farming. You will see the difference as your bench gets deeper. Heros have different uses and work well in different situations. For war you get 6 flags so essentially you will need 30 heros (can only use each one once).

Have you joined an alliance yet? There are training alliances. Some of the leaders will chime in here for sure and probably offer some great advice and possibly a spot in theirs where you will be able to grow with them.

My last piece of advice would be that when leveling pick 1 hero of each color and level them as far as you can go. It made a huge difference when I switched to this method. Also when feeding make sure you feed the same color 1 or 2* to the hero you are leveling.


My other reds are Jahangir and Azar. I started leveling Jahangir 1st.

I have just joined a alliance and am trying to pull my weight with them.

Thank you fo the advice. I’m definitely going to keep leveling up my 3* now.

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Do not take any 4* above 3^60 until you have a better grasp of the game.

The only problems with special skills you need to know about are 3* sometimes are slow to reach 8/8, and many heroes that have a heal-over-time or a damage-over-time can reach 8/8 without their specials reaching max.

Use the search functipn here for keywords gunnar and brienne and kailani.


I would probably level Azar as she is fast and a pretty good 3*. Leave Jahangir as he is slow mana and so so.

Keep going with Belith for your healer.

You will grow faster than you know it and will have the same questions all the time.

Make sure the alliance is a good fit, they should also be able to give advice as well. Mine isn’t super chatty and we share different opinions on heros but the forum is a fantasic place for finding info and getting advice. There are sooo many experienced players that are willing to help, share tips, and give good direction.


@Mo1234, if it is a training alliance you seek,
Troll Akademi.
I teach the basics.