HELP! How can i find my IP ! Can't enter Account!


Hey People.
I have a very Big Problem. My old phone is broken, and as i recieved a new one, i saw that i can’t log in to the Game without my player ID! I don’t Know what do, invested a Lot of money to the Account. Please help me.


What phone did you have? You should have linked game to either google play or game center. That way it would automatically sync your progress to cloud so when you log to service on your new phone it will sync it back that.

Also I suggest taking regular backups of the phone. iPhone backups by default automatically to the cloud every day. That way if you break or lose your phone you can just restore the backup from the cloud and everything is back there. Of course it requires you to get same kind of phone. Like another iPhone if you had an iPhone. I don’t know how restore works between different android phones. Might not…

If you did neither, then it will be harder or might not be possible at all. You should contact to see if something can be done.

If you can’t recover it in any other way, then it might be worth fixing your old phone. I doubt it is broken beyond repairs. But if it costs less than you spent on the game might be worth it.


Hi @Carlitos,

Please submit a request here: (do not send directly to support email).

Remember to always fill in all the information required, in order to speed up the process.