Help! Help! Intermediate level 10

Need help beating level 10, I have tried so many times. Here is my best, best heroes:

Wu Kong
Rigard ( center)

If you can manage to stay alive until the bosses without using items. You could take bombs, axes and arrows and fire all of them and the specials at the bosses. They should be all almost dead before your first move. I would use the last spot for small mana, so you can top off one of your healers when neccessary during the first 2 waves.

You could also do some more leveling and try on Sunday, a few levels extra really help

I have tried that, I take all my heroes to the boss fully loaded, I have used my battle items, I just can’t kill any of the bosses, I tried doing one boss at a time, they all go splat, wu Kong goes first, I have already tried 6 times, I changed the order of the heroes… something, I am not sure what else to do, I can’t stay alive. Lol

Thank you

I agree with you, I think I need to do more level up. I think I will work on that.

Once again thank you

When you tried that, did you use bombs and arrows and axes? You will need all 3 if you want them almost dead. I never tried with just only 1 hitter, so maybe there is too much health left still, just want to make sure.

I did at first but I ran out of axe and arrows

Ok, then my approach won’t work. If you have enough mana, that is way more beneficial than that minor health potion and even the antidote, you have 3 healers with you, they heal all and Rigard does antidoting for you. Melendor dispels the bosses and Boldtusk boosts attack. Those 3 you want to fire, fire, fire.
Still, will be tough without axes and arrows… hope you will make it after some leveling

Yet, I am on level 3 advanced. Oh well

You need more “oomph” on your damage, healers get you to the boss round but then you must out-damage their healing. You did the right thing not using blue heroes.

You need defense debuff like Gormek or Tiburtus, or a buff cancel like Caedmon or Sabina.

I would bench Melendor or Rigard, or both and use more potions and antidotes.

I did it quite easy (most trouble I had was level 3) with Tiburtus, Belith, Little John, Wu Kong and Kelile.

Little John turned out very useful if you start the boss wave with him and then feed him mana potions.

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I bring axes, bombs, small & medium mana pots to make sure I can fire specials. For example - when Guin fires make sure Mel can fire right back and debuff her heal. You do need a heavier hitter to inflict pain though. a 3/60 Kelile won’t cut it.

Thank you all for replying, those are the only 4 * that I have, I guess I just need to work on leveling them up. Thanks sgain

If they were all actually 3/60 it might work, but Mel isn’t even 50, BT is closer to 2/50 than he is 3/60, and Rigard is meh on this challenge.

Stage 10 is doable just very challenging. There are undoubtedly different approaches to use, but here is some general advice:

Bring a dispeller (or 2) and some mana killers (Li Xiu, Chao, etc). Come with mana potions and small mana potions, and axes/arrows/bombs.

As for what i did: I ran double red (3/60 Scarlett and a maxed Azar, nothing fancy), and blitzed Morgan as fast as I could with specials and tiles. Once you have the one down, that provides you with an avenue to ghost tiles and charge up your specials as needed.

The mana potions you should be bringing are best used to power your dispellers in emergencies - like when Guin gets her special off - or your mana killers, to keep the bosses resources down. The last two will fall in due time, albeit slowly. Note that I do not have a pulverizer (i.e. Tiburtus) to use, otherwise this likely would have been easier.

I’d say you did a nice job getting to round 10!! Try to level up melendor and Boldtusk. It’s surprising you got there with melendor right after first ascension!

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Finished 10 with Wu Kong on the right, Li Xiu and BT, Caedmon and Sonya… :smiley:

Very careful not to fire Sonya to blue, it works. Needed arrows, axes and rocks. :smiley:

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