Help Guide to reference to in Gameplay

I have discussed this over and over again and really have not got anywhere with this. I am going to stab at this in the idea & feature request category hoping the devs will look into it.

This is very confusing for the new player and would like more of a help guidance in the game.
When you see a fully maxed out 80 and you want to try a 10 pull summons for the hero you don’t really consider what your getting into as a new player.

  • don’t really understand you need a higher level ascension item to get these 5* heroes maxed out. ( you do learn about this in tutorial and by early game play, but, do you really understand what ascension mats your after?
  • don’t have a help guide to explain (would have been nice to learn about troop leveling early on, reference guide to the benefits of color coordinating heroes in training)
  • don’t have a link to the forums (this should be accessible through the app) Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started." (would be a nice link to reference to at the bare minimum.)

I feel like there is a big lack of learning and you almost have to fall into asking a lot of questions in an alliance to fully grasp the concept of this game. Would be nice to have some sort of help guide we could reference to in our game play.

Another thing I was thinking was being able to reference these events for ascension mats. I would really like to know when the events/seasonal are coming. We have a war ticker that tells us when the war is coming why not the events.

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