Help - Gormek, Scarlett or Colen?

I have enough items to upgrade one of them to tier 4. Which should I choose?

Fyi, just got a Tiburtus under leveling up.

It depends on your needs. I’ve heard that Scarlett is good against titans and I don’t know what kind of fast/medium strikers you have. I’ve never bothered to train Scarlett up, but that’s because I had some 5 star reds and fast strikers in other elements. Colen is good for defense. Gormek is a tank and good for offense and defense, but you stated that you have Tiburtus. In that case, I’d ascend Colen. I like versatility. You will eventually ascend Gormek, but maybe Colen should take precedence right now.

As Otto already said, it depends on your needs / current team.
But in my opinion it’s a good deal to have all 3 defense rippers (Gormek / Tibs / Grimm) on Max for Titans, cuz you don’t want to bring tibs on fights agains a dark titan, so you can switch to Gormek.

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If you’re not concerned with keeping your cups (i.e. rankings) I’d go for Scarlett as she can be used more often than the other two. Great 4* star attacker. Colen is great for offense and you’d probably want him if you’re actually working on a solid defense team…I am now leveling up Scarlett myself but that’s because I already have a few other fast mana heroes and already have Gormek and Grimm. I can’t wait to add her to my ranks…Colen might be next, but not a priority as I don’t care for my defense team at the moment…

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I’m now maxing Scarlett. I already have Colen maxed, and Scarlett will take his place when I triple on titans (Boldtusk and sir Lancelot always tag along). I chose Scarlett above Gormek because I already have Tiburtus (and a couple Grimm’s). Scarlett is fast, has nice attack and I hope her special may somewhat compensate for her fragility.

I have her. At 9* Titans,I don’t use her due to that fragility but perhaps her weakness might be mitigated by turtle flags, or another hero that ups defense.

Scarlett at 4/70 takes 2 hits to kill with Axe/Bomb and probably turtle banner too on every 10* in game; no different than Wu or even some 80’s in that regard.

I still use her against Gorgon Queen, tile damage is sick and the debuff amazing.

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Another vote for Gormek, although he’s the weakest offense of the trio of armor debuff heroes (Grimm and Tibertus being the others). My target team against green titans is Gormek, Falcon, Ares, Marjana and Wu. Sure, Tibertus could serve a similar role, but then purple tiles could miss and fail a stun.

Wise words indeed. I always recommend training up at least 2 of the three and eventually having all three, unless you have Athena.

Goremek is now replacing Athena against Gorgon Queen in high level titan strategy.

Athena isn’t what she used to be and with the damage scaling interaction with Falcon, 6 turns and strong tile advantage anecdotally seem to be goosing scores against green titans.

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I’m not following.
The implication is if you use Gormek instead of Tibertus, that you then would not miss and fail a stun? Am I missing something here?

(Edit) Ah… I think I follow.
Playing with Purple vacant means those tiles aren’t subject to Wu’s miss and will be more reliable to stun.

Excellent point and that’s why I recommend training them all up. I don’t use Athena against the Gorgon Queen. This game is a grind and you have to put your resources where you can and make sacrifices along the way. For me it was delaying Gormek’s training forever and a day. He’s still not maxed at this point. I just have too many other Fire heroes to work with.

That’s exactly right. An important trick. With Wu, two color teams are great.


I’d do Scarlett, Gormek , Colen , in that order , given that you have Tibs. I have the exact same heros anyway , and that is what I am doing ( Scarlett is already maxed and I don’t regret that at all)

Don’t mean to take over but what would priority look like if we included Natalya

How many mystic rings do you have?

Red 4* are very sound, so I’d rather have any of them at 4/70 than Natalya at 3/70. If you are close to a set of six rings, then I’d go with Natalya.

Rule of thumb is that you’ll get 3 hidden blades for every ring (from loot; obviously if you buy rings from an offer, that can change the balance).

I started leveling her up and wanted to keep it going. Still needing 3 rings though but figured she may still be good in raids or certain I get her to 70. I have gormek waiting to be leveled but iffy on that

I have Scarlett but she is so frigile and she almost always dies first in every battle and she is on 4 tiles and as I have couple of fights against Colen I think he’s is more stronger than Scarlett and his damage is better than Scarlett again because he make damage to all guys and then over the top they gets 144 damage for next 6 turns and Scarlett almost do nothing. I’m not afraid to have fight against Scarlett but I’m afraid to have battle against Colen

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