Help - Gormek or Scarlett For Attack Team?

Hello Everyone,

I have a maxed Boldtusk for my defense team, but recently rolled both Gormek and Scarlett when looking for an attacker. I keep going back and forth on who to level and use for an attacking team, so I was hoping to get some experienced advice.

I am leaning towards Gormek as his maxed special hits 295% of his 569 attack stat (1678.55), and Scarlett hits 215% of 767 (1649.05). Gormek also has higher defense and health, but Scarlett has a fast mana speed compared to his average speed. Does the fast speed outweigh the other factors?

As you can see, I am quite torn. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Without knowing the rest of your team, Gormek, hands down. His survivability paired with the defense reducing special is exponentially valuable for all of your team, and in my mind and experience, outweighs fast mana gain. I mean, it’s not like he’s slow, average to fast is not that massive of a jump. Skill effects will always be more significant than the amount of damage dealt alone (unless it’s a one-hitter like Llianna). I find Scarlett to be a more defensive-based hero for her attack mitigation.


I second what @TempestBlitz is saying.

For certain Titans, as an example, running Boldtusk and Gormek is a devastating combo.


@TempestBlitz & @Penari - Awesome! Thank you for the detailed advice, it was exactly what I was looking for. I was definitely leaning that way, but wanted someone better experienced with those heroes to weigh in.

If you are curious, I currently use Caed, Boldtusk, Li Xiu, Boril, Hel for my defense team. And Lianna, Grimm, Boldtusk, Chao, Hel for attacking. Eventually switching out Boldtusk for Gormek when leveled. Thanks again!

between gormek and scarlet I would choose gormek. Just also want to add that imo boldtusk is better on your attack team than both of them. I’d still level gormek to use on titan of right colour tho.

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I will definitely keep that in mind, and do some testing when he is leveled. Thanks!

With Grimm already in the lineup Goremek is a luxury which I like, but doesn’t add that much.

I didn’t start having trouble with Boldtusk until I took Scarlett out of my lineup, and that’s a pretty common tank when we’re talking raiding.

Scarlett may squishy for a high level defense, but she’s really fantastic raid attacking if you don’t have truly better options, and Gormek is not truly better there… surviving specials or slash damage (against BT teams) is key, and her debuff is flatly amazingly versatile.

My opinion only as something of a counterpoint, which you choose really depends what your needs are and I would suggest scarlett / BT / Grimm doesn’t suck against a green titan anyway.


I think you make a good point. I have so far overlooked scarlet because of her being squishy and gormek being a beast. I guess both are good choices really. I have both scarlet and gormek but have so far played Grimm and bold in both attack and defence. When choosing to level gormek before scarlet i preferred gormek staying alive longer against high level titans like 9* and also, even though a luxury, that when fighting titans without items gormek and Grimm could tag team to keep the titans defence low.

I will level scarlet next so maybe I’ll find her better than I presumed. It will also be final hero in my all red team :slight_smile:


Personally i kinda go for Gormek.
Even if you already have Grimm, i like too much defence reducing hero.

Better with titans and raids too.

It is true that Gormek can take more hits, but Scarlett reduces the opponent attack, so she helps everyone survive, and herself if she can get the special off soon. Personally I use Gormek on Titans, but I’m leveling Scarlett to give her a try on raids, until I get one more ring to take Marjana on some other red 5* to 80.

Gormeks problem in raids is he is only medium speed. The damage he does is really low because of the low attack stat and the reduced defense debuff isn’t as game changing as you would hope. I would use scarlett+grimm/tibertus if I was playing a 4* team.

Also OPs math is wrong. It is not 295% of his 569 attack stat (1678.55). It is the actually damage that is multiplied with 2.95, not the attack stat. So first the opponent defense stat is weighed in. I would suspect Scarlett does more damage per hit, and considering her faster speed, even more damage in total. But I need to try her out, as I said.

Thanks everyone for the continued insight. I guess I am not the only one who is having a hard time making up their mind on these two heroes. I already started leveling Gormek, so I guess I will just keep going with him for now. I hope eventually I can pull a 5*, but it takes a while to save up the gems. It is so tempting to just pay to get the heroes that you want, but I have already spent a little over $100 and had to call it quits on the gem bundles. Gormek and Scarlett will occupy my time just fine while I wait for ascension items and gems. Haha.

@Arien Congrats by the way on the top spot. Way to go!

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I have Gormek and Grimm and I’m quite happy with them so far, still not finished leveling them up. But I just got Scarlett as my second red epic and will probably be leveling her up. My question on this topic is for someone using Gormek and Grimm together since they both have the same debuff of -34% defense that does not stack. Would Scarlett’s debuff of -34% attack be an advantage to at least consider in some circumstances?

Yes indeed. Scarlett has very nice dps, and her debuff is definitely noticeable, be it in raids or vs titans. Defence reduction is more important, but both is even better.