Help formatting in game Alliance Recruitment Chat

Hello. I don’t know if this is good place to ask.
But I want to do something like this…

Can someone tell me how to do this?

I mean the Elite sign. How to do something like that?

Welcome to the forum. That message does stand out, I’m not an expert but I’ve just changed your thread title so you can find someone who is, hopefully more easily. GL :wink:

Hello Thank u for Your Help.

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Not exactly sure but I think they do it on an app or a website and then just copy and paste

I still don’t know how to do that. Just find another ones in the game. Nobody wants to share how they do that

I’ll see if I can find out exactly how they do that for ya

Maybe try this link

Il try that but it didnt work

My friend uses this one. It works in AR. So maybe this will help

Wow I’m ose thank u. Can You aks him how did he pase that because when I’m doing that I see something like this

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