Help for War Defense

Our alliance is implementing a Yellow tank and Purple flanks war defense after Atlantis Rises. What is my best defense? I like the idea of Onatel, Proteus and Ariel controlling the mana, but not sure about the other 2. Maybe the whole team needs a reshuffle. I have plenty of time, so can level anybody that may better the team.

Currently fully levelling Onatel, Ariel, Rigard and Melendor. Levelling Grazul, but not sure she will be there in time for the new formation.

Someone has suggested levelling Thoth Amun and putting him in Place of Proteus. Is this a good idea? Also, should I try getting Grazul levelled and in place of BT?

Thoth I think would be a better defensive combo with tiburtus.

Also. I don’t have Onatel, but I don’t think her and proteus work well together because of the way she steals mana that’s generated and he blocks that.

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So potentially go with a line up like BT, Thoth, Onatel, Tiburtus and Ariel? Want 2 healers in there for sure.

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