Help for team building needed!

Hey, help for building team needed! I was thinking about changing up my main group soon. Who would you swap for Quintus and/or Colen for my team, or would you at all?
For attacking and defence?

Currently I use Colen in defence group for war, and Wu Kong for hitting titans.

What else could I do, to improve my strategy?


Of the heroes you have at decent levels, I’d probably prefer Drake as your tank. In absolute terms, Kashhrek is probably the best tank you have when maxed, but you only have one healer, who is green also. That’s very limiting, since a rainbow defense is by far safest.

Quintus hits very hard, and makes a decent flank for a yellow tank like Drake. Gormek is faster than Colen, so I’d probably prefer him in your defense, even though he hits much less hard.

You want Melendor all the way to the left in your lineup, so he removes buffs from the enemy before the rest of the team fires their specials (your defense activates specials from left to right). Gormek should be next, so he debuffs defense before other attackers fire.

My recommended defense for you is:


For attack, you really should be tailoring your attack team to the defense. Here are a couple of links that might help:

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Ok, thanks for the tips, I will check those links for more. I have also these down below, but they are not at a high level yet. Not visible are for instance one Caedmon, and another Rigard (these are not upgraded yet), and that lady 4* dark type healer (with ugly face lol). I have managed to defeat all the challenges with 3* and 4* teams in those monthly challenge events (not sure what they are called in english). Counter heroes are useful for adventures, I have noted.

You would recommend Rigard as a second healer in my team, or mix around and use only Rigard (once he is high level enough)? Boldtusk is useful too?

Colen - Boril - Kash - Cyprian - Drake

… would be my fav def for now.


Rigard is an outstanding healer. I have both him and Melendor, and Rigard is the healer I use in my defense team. Rigard’s cleanse also makes some of the events much easier. He can remove damage over time, defense debuffs, and attack debuffs.

Boldtusk is also outstanding, since he gives such a strong attack buff. Many people also use him as their main healer, and some even use him as a tank because his defense is so high.

Sabina is very much like Melendor, but dark instead of green.

If you do alliance wars, you’ll want to level them all up eventually. They each are useful in different situations. The order I’d level them in is:



Ok, thanks again for the tips. I think these will help moving forward :slight_smile:


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