Help for some friend

Which one to up and why!?

I like how the rooster does his chain

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Without more information about how they’ll be used I’ll say Thor because that’s who I would most want on my roster.

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The only one I would constantly use is roostley. Akkarog is too niche for ultility while thor I find him to be meh

Roostley is the best of the 3. I use him a lot. He’s even better when paired with Killhare and Lepus

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I would go either for Roostley or Thor. For Roostley the main disadvantage is that his chain can be broken. The advantage for Thor is that he’s very fast. and has three types of hits. Akkarog has a strong hit, but he rarely hits 3 if one hero is dead in the other team due to his reshuffling

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