Help for our players

I think it’s time as a community of players that we set up some game play help type of threads on this forumn. Between all the moderators and the group of knowledgeable players we could drive some unique information threads. My suggestion is- ask a few top players to write a weekly/ monthly type article of what’s going on in top 100 alliances, meta trends , heroes etc. Similar to the “beta beat” in nature. When I search out there for E&P info you can go to YouTube and find some clowns - basically “reading “ a card and making hero assessments. I just cringe that people like that are the “face” of info for this game. We need a “Kerridoc” type player doing something like this on our forumns.

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There’s already a ton of such threads available. I’ll link some here for you.

And basically everything else posted in the Player Guides section


Thank you for that wonderful initiative :heart:

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Hi @Texas1970

I’d always welcome more help and guidance across the forum.

As @NPNKY said, there are loads of help topics being regularly updated.

I like regular features and have recently started interviews with some great forum characters.

Certainly, @kerridoc (@coppersky before him) is a huge miss - very few players command the same level of universal respect.

So, anyone is welcome to do this :+1:.

I think it’s unlikely the mods would contribute a huge amount as we are already heavily comitted


A great reference is @Rook’s Master List of Links. It needs more forum exposure, especially for new members.


There are also threads in that section about individual heroes, how to use them, how to counter them. There are threads on raiding more effectively. There are threads on titan strategies. Threads on war strategies. Threads on how to handle certain map sections.


Yes! How could I forget that one?!

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Just to set the record straight, the idea for the Master List was made by Boolz-San, who gave a great many ideas to the beginning of the list.

It’s not “Rook’s List”, it’s everybody’s. :grin:


If you have an idea for a type of help thread that isn’t already covered, please let us know. I’m sure we can find people to jump in and offer to help


All your guides are great. All the info you posted above are valuable resources… all the people responding ( moderators) included work hard and are appreciated. Furthermore, some of the threads like “beta beat” are awesome initiatives. I’m just saying- there is room for more and that could be provided by some of the intelligent players. Giving them a vehicle for a stronger voice would be beneficial in a better “format” then… posting on here and getting slogged by a bunch of … fill in the blank.

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Hallo, wo genau finde ich diese Information. Für Hilfe wäre ich dankbar, bin neu auf diesem Gebiet.

Translate to English bud

A sort of magazine, almost?

I’d love to do that one day

Nah I’m thinking more like a blog/ news letter on bi weekly basis talking about game related issues. So for instance - a fella posts about how to beat Telluria tanks ( good player/knowledgeable)… gets berated by morons… probably gets frustrated/ under appreciated and says never again. Take another forumn regular… comes on here and argues semantics with people that don’t know squat and have the valuable insight gets lost in the “forumn format”. My point is- we can probably find a few top players that are educated enough to write a “news letter” on what they think important topics are ( be a voice even) and discuss/give advice on such topics. We all go through these threads and identify “people” we read and take more serious … could we not give some of them a “format” instead of newbies YouTubing some ■■■ clown begging for money?

Yeah, sorry, that’s what I meant by magazine.

Not an olde worlde paper thing :grin:

Well, whatever it looked like is fine but the gist is some “dude that knows” giving knowledge / options of insights etc. We could do better then what’s out there and I honestly think it would be appreciated.

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Hello, where exactly can I find this information. I would be grateful for help, I am new to this area.

Click on the provided links.

What do you suggest to prevent the sort of uninformed blasting that drives contributors away? I’d like to leave things open for questions and discussion, but that also leaves it open to trolls

Well take my idea of getting some top knowledgeable players to contribute some topic discussions. Heck, approach some of the top alliances out there and let them have there own threads- now your drawing on some knowledgeable people in a whole “family alliance” so surely you would get some good content. Now, their “promoting” for themselves and SG wins as well because your promoting the game. Get SG to support it in some way… oh geez- heroes get mentioned, game content etc. Some of these people have their own websites and have write ups all ready- let them promote it. Give these groups their own “ pins”… or whatever. Change the format a little from a troll base - to more of a “legit questions” only for decent advice and comments. Basically, let whoever runs the thread control it maybe to delete the stupid ■■■■. But, surely with the great minds on here a few good ideas would come up where it’s a win- win for SG and some of the players.

This honestly isn’t rocket science… a lot of the player base wants to know what is happening in beta. They want to know about heroes . They want to get better. They want to thrive to hit top 100. They just don’t want to come on here and read 1000 Posts on one topic- that are totally irrelevant, from level 34 F2p angry guy, turned into Buff Toth debate etc. Etc. ( and ■■■■ me you moderators don’t want me trolling the tards for fun) so… I’m sure we could change things- think outside the box- add some new formats to improve things somehow