Help for my team (raids & Boss season 2 hard)

I have:
5*: Kadilen, Justice, Lianna, Khagan (x2), Frida, Magni, Quintus, Marjana (x2), Richard, Horghall
4*: Kiril, Sabina, Tiburtus, Boldtusk, Wu kong, Hu Tao, Wilbur, Triton, Sonya, Colen, Scarlett, Melendor, Cyprian

I need a team for raids, and another for hard Ursena.

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Wilbur-BT-Marjana-Melendor-Lianna ?

Only a red & green team?

Yes, color stack make more damage, but you can try another choice as well.

I bring a different team to every raid. I color stack 3 of one color, 2 of another. Usually I’ll stack 3 of the color strong vs the tank and 2 of the color strong vs a flank.

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You should try which has good synergy with your current bench.
Like example: BT+Wilbur
BT and Wilbur same color and same mana speed, you only need a couple of red tiles and both skill is ready, so it has synergy, +att your allies, then -def opponent. has more advantage if monster/boss are Greens.

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Thx for all.
I’ll try like u tell me.
For Ursena, u have a solution for me?

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