Help for hero's

Sartana… or khiona… Update 1st…

It could vary, depending on the rest of your team. You probably aren’t going to go wrong either way.

This thread gets pretty deep into the discussion:

This is my defence

You have a fast sniper in Joon. As much as I like Sartana, I’d probably go with Khiona first, in your case.

Again, you won’t go wrong with either one, but that’s what I’d do.

If that is your defense I hope I never meet you on the field of battle :thinking:

I would take them on, except green is my weak color and I don’t like that blue tank. Still, I feel pretty confident I can take them. :wink:

I wished I had Sartana, but up popped Khionna. She makes a difference when she is between shooters like you would have with her between Joon and Richard.

You can try them vs one another either raiding or farming a difficult level. With both at 8/8 & 3^70, the increase in tile strength would be the onlh difference I see after one is maxed

@Isaac57 is not staff. You can tell staff as they have an icon. I would disagree with you though. Our war matches have been good. In last 5, we won first two and are now in a 3 war loss streak. But those three losses were from (1) people not attacking - they have since left the alliance, (2) a close match where the opponent came back last minute, (3) and one where we were slightly outmatches but had the lead til the last half hour due to great participation. No complaints here.

However, if you want to fix wars (as you think there is a problem), please do it on an appropriate thread. This is the third I’ve seen from you on this topic and they’re all off topic.

Maybe we need a silencer here? @Rook what do you think?

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Ha! No, I’m not to be trusted with that kind of responsibility.

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Every defense needs at lest 2 snipers imho, so I’d choose Sartana. I don’t fancy Khiona for defense anyway :slight_smile: Maybe as a tank, but Richard is very good tank, so I’d prefer him over Khiona and given you probably don’t posses any other blue 5*, it should work better this way.

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Thanks all… I’ll select sartana finally…:blush::blush::blush::metal:

Totally unrelated but i notice just now that if you add the suffix “min” her name became “Minkhiona”

Not a great name for a lady in Italy.

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Hahhhh Grande… loso… quello una cagata veramente… ho provato khiona… 100% meglio sartana…:blush::ok_hand::+1:

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Back to topic: Sartana or Khiona.

If you have decided, shall I close this thread? :slight_smile:

Wait @Rook ook I’ll add English that…

Great … I know … that bad
crap really … I tried khilona … 100% better sartana … :blush::ok_hand::+1:

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Please remember that alliance score (and Titan score) is not what wars are based on:

You can find this log of changes here:

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Thanks… thank you soo much

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Based on the alliance score, I’d say you can take them. That’s not that big of a difference. One team will almost always have a higher score than the other - there’s not enough exact scores out there.