Help for Gold Hero Leveling Choices

The RNG gods smiled on me during the last gold elemental & this event summons, plus a couple of cards from my TC20s. I now have a squad of gold heroes in various stages of leveling, so I’d appreciate the community’s thoughts about priorities.

My current ascension materials inventory is: Darts x 10, Orbs x 16. I have plenty of compasses & gloves.

My gold hero stable is:

Chao 4/70, Li Xiu 4/70, Hu Tao 4/70, Bane 3/50, Kailani 3/50

Vivica 2/55, Guard Owl 1/37, 2nd Li Xiu 3/36, 2nd Bane 2/1, Justice 1/1, Guard Jackal 1/1

I’ve had Owl since the first Teltoc event, and received my 2nd Li Xiu from a TC13 about 4 months ago. Vivica, 2nd Bane, Justice, & Jackal were acquired within the last ten days.

I’m a level 44 player with around 10 months of E&P playing history. My current cup level fluctuates between 2150 - 2450 with my raid & Titan teams around 3600 power. I have 34 cards usable for Alliance Wars, but I’m very interested in anyone’s thoughts on leveling strategy with this lineup that will maximize my roster’s all around effectiveness. Thanks!

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I’d say Jackal and Vivica first.


Vivica or justice are a super pain in the ■■■ when you get them fully leveled. If you have a good healer, level justice fully and push vivica up to the top of tier 3. Fully ascend jackal his special and mana build speed with a purple titan are sick. I currently go into purple titans with vivica, Musashi, jackal, wu kong, and Ares and can get hits of 50k+ wu makes the difference, but jackal helps lower the titan defence against holy


Another vote for Vivica and Jackal

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