Help for finding alliances, finding members, helping with the titans

At the moment there are three elements which are challenging.

  1. External help with the Titans.

  2. search for members

  3. search for alliances

  4. several alliances need help in taking down the titan.
    At this time messages are put in the chat (even in those that have no relevance), only that end up lost in the flow of messages. Inspired by other experiences, a mechanism could be created through which to ask for help.
    A hypothesis?
    a) In the alliance, a sort of “Help” button should appear on the titan.
    b) for those who want to help, there should be “rooms” in which the requests for help appear divided by the power of the titan (1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars, …). For help, the “ronin” typology can be created. Each individual alliance can have a number of ronins (a dozen) who temporarily join together to fight the titan. The time it takes to win the titan remains within the alliance. won the titan are out.

  5. search for members ^ _ ^. It is currently unsuccessful. I wanted to propose a method similar to that of point 1. A request form appears in alliances.

  6. search for alliances. this should be added to the classic search. an alliance seeking members I can consider active. those looking for an active alliance look here.

what do you think?

I totally agree that there should be “rooms” for various kinds of help - e.g. Alliance recruitment etc. As you say at present all such messages are drowned in the constant flow of chat

Some kind of merc mechanic would be cool. Maybe some nice options for the alliance search function.

Greetings @Felice1972

Some of the issues you have raised, I think there are already solutions.

Point 2. Search for members
Have you tried advertising in alliance recruitment on the forum? In my experience, so much better than via global chat. There are also Line and Discord alliance recruitment groups you could join.

Point 3. Search for alliances
Again the forum. Create an ad that you’re looking for a new alliance, place in alliance recruitment and you’ll be inundated with offers.

Points 1&4 both related to titans and requests for merc assistance. In recent times, before PoV mercs were thought not too highly of by some. Changes in reduced loot as well held little incentive for mercs… fast forward to PoV titan quests, mercs are again valued. :woman_shrugging:.


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the problem was to use a recruiting method while staying in the game.
the current alliance search method is fine if one is looking for a specific by name or any active alliance.
But there is no method within the game to bring together those who seek elements with those who seek alliances they seek.
There would be elements to fix:
if i have 400 cups and the alpha alliance only accepts members with 1000 cups what do i do? there are two solutions
a) the request of the alliance requesting 1000 cups does not appear to those who have less than 1000 cups
b) whoever enters through a request for new items can ignore the cup parameter. so if, as an example I have 400 cups, I can also join an alliance that requires a minimum of 1000 through recruitment.

here we return to the point. the current research is fine if i am looking for any alliance. or search by name. they are searches in which complete alliances also appear.
it is not to seek an alliance that exists or is active.
it is to seek an alliance he intends to recruit.

it is useless to deny the existence of players who enter and leave the alliances because they are not interested in being part of it, but are only interested in attacking the titan.
Just as there are alliances that find themselves in need of external help.
they exist, we might as well take them into account.
Or at least that’s my thought ^ _ ^

Change your alliance to invite only, you won’t get uninvited players.

Sorry, I don’t understand your point here? Alliances usually recruit, not the other way around.

Alliances are free to set minimum cup criteria. I’m confused about the point you are raising here.

Anyway, my intention was to raise an awareness that the forum is great for recruitment.

Good luck with using Global chat. I never found it effective, so maybe you’ll have better success.

you misunderstood.
I don’t mean to exclude them …
If they respect other players, I have no problem with those players who give external support.
If there are players who come and go behaving politely where the problem is.
Those who lend a hand are always welcome ^ _ ^

alliances seek players

and there are players looking for alliances.

it may seem strange, but it is so.

the forum may be fine.
however I am sorry that there is no more efficient method in the game.
As far as something has already done.

as well as to coordinate with their alliance groups are used on telegram, whatsapp, wechat, signal, messenger, …

not even me :-P.

that’s why I proposed something more effective within the game

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