Help For Diamond Raid Defense

I’m hoping for suggestions on what heroes to use to boost my team into the Diamond arena. I’m currently using BT, Leo, Perseus, Sartana and Caedmon and hover around 2,200-2,400 trophies. They get me into Diamond occasionally but I’m quickly swatted back down :tired_face: Hoping for some advice!

Here’s my current stable of 4* & 5* heroes. I’m not worrying about the current level of each as I’m looking long-term.

  • Dark - Sartana, Merlin, Panther, Sabina X2, Tibs X3, Cyprian, Obakan, Domitia

  • Holy - Leo, Gretel X4, Chao X4, Wu X3, Jackal

  • Ice - Perseus, Sonya, Thorne, Grimm X2, Boril X2, Kiril X3

  • Nature - Caedmon X2, Lianna, Hansel, LJ, Kadilen, Melendor X2, Gregorian

  • Fire - BT X4, C. Kestrel, Scarlett X2, Sir Lancelot, Elena, Kelili, Colen X2, Falcon, Gormek

So…I will confess I have turned into a hero hoarder…LOL! Most are for Alliance Wars. At least that’s my excuse :grin: Any help on putting together a better team would be greatly appreciated! Thank-you!

It seems like you’ve got enough 5* heroes to put together a solid 2400+ trophy squad. You really need at least 4 fully leveled 5* to stay there.

Having said that though, you don’t actually have to maintain diamond level. As long as you’re diamond at the moment you open the chest, you get the diamond loot.

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Think about Panther, Leo, Elena, Lianna, Sartana

That ought to be pretty good, but I’d be looking to replace Elena at Tank. Guin (obviously), Azlar, Richard, Justice…

@Jalia - Thank-you for your input :smiley: The lineup you mentioned is quite doable as most have been or are about ready to be ascended to 4. Elena is my shortfall as I just pulled her out of my tc20 about 10 days ago. I have her ready to ascend to 3.

I have enough mats to do all but 1 dark as I’m short 6 tabards (Been looking for #6 for months and just scored it a week ago!). Even a 3-70 Sartana or Panther could be formidable in the right team though.

Thanks again for your input! I’ll keep trudging away at leveling these :grin:

Any other suggestions anyone?

You’re welcome!

I’d suggest that Sartana at 3/70 is a more survivable hero than Panther at 3/70. Also, Kiril or Boldtusk would be decent substitute tanks while you work on Elena.

It works better, I think, if you give us their individual levels when you list your roster.

I have the same question.

  • Skittleskull 3-60
    What would be the best defence for me?

She’s planning for the future, so didn’t want the constraint of “who’s close enough to be viable” in the mix.

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@MrMeeseeks, for your team, I like Grimm, Rigard, Azlar, Zeline, Chao

You could use Sonya instead of Chao. You already have the dispel with Zeline, though, and Chao hits a little harder.

Honestly, worst retort evah.

I read her ask for an opinion about the future. If one hero of any rank is maxed or not is needed for a good answer as opposed to cliche opinions

I did consider adding their current levels but decided not to for 2 reasons:

  1. I was afraid the current levels may influence the responses instead of identifying the best overall combination.

  2. As @Jalia mentioned, I’m looking for a future team. I’ve been collecting mats for a while and have enough to level most heroes, so that’s not an issue.

I’m good with using my current team for a while until I get better ones leveled to take their places. I’m really looking for future play. I’m a patient person :grin:

I use at the moment:
Grimm - Zeline - Gormek - Rigard - Azlar

Do you think that Grimm - Rigard - Azlar - Zeline - Chao would be a better choice? I though Gormek is a beast in defence…

I know you’re looking for defensive team advice, but…on offense you should seriously consider maxing Hansel ASAP. I went from 2000-2100 to 2400-2500 by including him whenever possible on offense.

Sorry Bud, by now I should know better than to engage with you. My mistake, won’t happen again.

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Interesting thought… I actually like Hansel quite a bit but hadn’t thought of that option as I have green 5*’ hanging around. I’m sure getting the right combination will take a little rearranging over time as different teams are more suitable for different players styles. Oh well, isn’t that the fun of it all? :rofl:

You are correct there. I’ve got Horghall and Greg and through trial and error I find Hansel is still the first green I take to any raid. Keeping some crazy 5* tank from firing off a special is usually more valuable than a lot of raw damage. I’ll take a hitter if the opponent’s tank just does damage.

If you are asking about the future with thrse only: Sartana, G Panther, Perseus, Gregorian and Elena.

My suggestion would be do not stop trying for Guinevere, Magni and maybe Marjana or Red Hood.

Good luck.

There’s a few things to think about with your current defense.
First, if you have a red tank and another red, it makes it a lot easier for people to stack up blues against you and get an easier win. Not saying you can’t make it work, but it’s an uphill battle.
Second, putting Azlar, a slow hero, on the wing is tough. chances are he’s not going to get charged up before most of your team is already dead, and at that point, even his formidable hit may be too late.
Third, Gormek is a good tank to a certain point. Not sure what cup level you’re at, but as you reach into the 2000’s he will be less viable. Also, you already have Grimm to do the defense debuff.

As far as using azlar as a tank, The point isn’t that he’s got so much defense that he can take hits, he’s actually a little squishy for a tank. The point, though, is that it’s hard to avoid charging him up before you can kill him, and getting Az to fire off his special early can be devastating. He single handedly kept my team at between 2200 and 2300 cups for the past few months.

Ultimately, I’d say change to the new setup and try it for a few days. If it works (I think it will), then great! If not, change back.

Good luck!

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Thank-you @Bud for your suggestions! Yes, his is definitely the type of information I was looking for, although I know it may very well change due to new heroes from my tc20 or a random epic hero token :grin:

I am seeing a common denominator between your lineup and @Jalia ‘s…Sartana, Panther and Elena at tank until something better comes along. The others I’ll work on leveling and play with to see how their synergy works.

Thanks for you input everyone! Any additional input and thoughts are always welcome :wink: