Help for building Def Team

Hi all. We assume every heroe I have is fully maxed. Which would be your favorite Def Team?

Caedmon - Grimm - Anzogh - Ranvir - Sartana

hey there guys. I’m a bit new to this. fantastic game though. One silly question. Why is it that when I select a particular hero to purchase/summon, I am left with a random and unwanted hero. Seems like I am wasting my funds.

Ranvir in defense team? Will it be good? I have not face him in raid yet.

Thx for the first feedbacks. Ranvir I’m not sure yet. My idea was to build something around Mitsuko. Seems to be the best tank I have. Plus Inari Sartana + Healer + Buffer or Debuffer

Other opinions that someone perhaps has?

Without heroes that really needs to hit the target with status effects (as Onatel, Alasie etc.) he will improve overall performances.

Personally I would work on a defence team to include:
Li Xiu
Until you level some of the others

Oh you sweet summer child…

Summons are random. The heroes that appear are the ones that you might get, but each has a vanishingly small chance of appearing.

Left to Right.
Caedmon, Kiril, Anzogh, Inari, Sartana.
That would suck to go against. Ha

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