Help for a Noob

I’ve been playing about a month. I’ve spent a few bucks. I have a lot of 4 stars and 3 5 star heroes. My stronghold is level 13. My training camp is11. I’m looking for best bang for my buck to level my heroes. I’ve heard that I need to get to level 20 training camp asap. Is that where I really start churning out the fodder? Right now I’m doing 1* and 1 and 2* but I keep running out of swords and backpacks. Thanks in advance helping.

TC2 and 11 are your main source of fodder. TC20 is a 2-day session that produces 3-5* heroes.
I think most run one on 20, two on 11 constantly, one on 2 when they can and 11 when they can’t.

It’s all about the grind. Just keep farming the map and don’t try to keep your tc’s running but do them in batches. Level up your base in the meantime (tc20 only produces S1 5*, for fodder stick to tc1, tc2, tc11)
I wouldn’t focus on leveling 4/5* heroes that you don’t have the mats for right now or you’ll hit a wall really soon and that wall hits you back I can tell you from experience.
Level up the 3* you have right now, try to understand the mechanics of the game and just enjoy it.

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