Help for a noob just starting out in wars!

I am having a hard time managing 6 teams and knowing how to attack Kashrek or Boril with my teams at lvl 400 and lower. Please help

Normal advice is to bring more heroes of the strong color against the tank (center hero) of the defense team.

I’d say Kashhrek is an exception: you want to stack preferably neutral colors (green, yellow, or purple), depending what is strong against his flanks (heroes behind him) since he buffs his center against red. Alternatively, bring a dispeller like Caedmon + red heroes, and only fire your offensive red skills once his fire shield is dispelled.

Boril requires a dispeller: no getting around that unless you KO him before he can cast his counter-attack buff. Caedmon and Melendor are excellent examples, as they’re the strong color. Beware that if you do use Caedmon, target the wing heroes (the corners) so you don’t take countered damage.

Preferably try to get your dispeller charged before Boril is charged too. That can be tough, but can be somewhat mitigated if you bring two dispellers of different colors (that way you have more color matches to charge a dispeller). Otherwise you’ll take countered damage attempting to charge your dispeller, and they may clock out before they can use their skill.

EDIT: wars are all about hero management. I think the most important type of heroes to have in your bench are those that can dispel buffs (Tyrum, Belith, Caedmon, Sonya, Sabina, Melendor, etc.), those that can lower defense (Valen, Ulmer, Gormek, Grimm, Tiburtus, etc.) and those heroes that can buff your attack (Brienne, Kiril, Boldtusk, etc.). Try to use at least one defense dropper and one attack buffer in all your attack teams. One dispeller is good to have too, although it depends on the team you’re fighting too: note that you can overwrite defense increases with defense drops, for e.g.


Thank you for the info I copied a list of my hero’s if you feel like taking a look I’d appreciate it. Also which team is best for defense war team? Thank you again

This is an example of team I have option to attack but unsure how to set team

For that one, I would take fast snipers in yellow and red, bring a dispeller, and ghost tiles on the left hand side of the board to charge your specials without charging theirs


You can always keep that flag and wait for a manageable opponent for you.
You get 3 new flags at the 12:00 mark and they add to your unused flag.

An emblemed Kash, during Field Aid, with an attacking team composed of mainly unleveled 3 and 4* is a huge task. I would personally advise to let that team to another member of your alliance and focus on easier target.

Never forget that alliance war is a team effort and you shouldn’t feel bad for not attacking an opponent too strong for you.
Every time i see one of my alliance pals waste 3 flags on a much stronger opponent than him and score 0 on all 3, it makes me scratch my head.

Check with your alliance mates what they expect you to do. Communication is the key, even in a casual alliance.
Hope you have some fun and good luck!


You need to focus on one hero of each color at a time. You’ve got a lot of experience spread out among your heroes, and that’s resulted in your roster being very weak overall.

@NPNKY made a great topic that I really suggest you read through: Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started." The best advice there imo is to focus on leveling up your 3* heroes first (two of each color is what I recommend) before leveling up 4*s.

I’d suggest focusing on Bane, Berden, Balthazar, Hawkmoon, and Gunnar first. Once those heroes are maxed, work on Melia, Tyrum, Jahangir, Sonya and Kashhrek.

Once the first set of 5 heroes are maxed, you can set this as your defense team:

Balthazar | Hawkmoon | Gunnar | Berden | Bane


Ok thank you much I am currently working on 3’s I’m wondering if I need to level the other belith later? Also why Gunnar and not use valen? Just curious.

Gunnar is great in the center, he has some of the highest defensive stats out of all 3*s and his skill makes his team difficult to take down for unprepared opponents.

I personally don’t think that duplicate 3* healers are worth it in the long run, but keep her until you get a better 4* healer.