Help: Farming for troops (not recruits)

Yes I have done a search but I am not sure if the information is dated at this point…

I was wondering if anyone had the data on where is best for troops? I know, based on the forums search that it is random, but is there any systematic way of approaching this? Do troops start appearing after a certain level or if random would running 1-1 offer the same odds as 12-??. If it’s all truely random then a map requiring only 3 world energy would make the most sense for speed runs. But what about Atlantis? Are there better odds in the new maps. Anyone able to bring some info to the discussion?

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7-6 and 8-7
Is what best of my troop farming.
Ever 30 runs I get x6 2☆ troops and several 1☆s


No - troops are, in my experience, the most random thing in the game. They can turn up anywhere, so best to farm in low world energy and where you get the most of whatever else you need. My go to is 6-8. Doesn’t always drop troops, but plenty of recruits and quite often also feeder heroes.


I cannot find the post to reference, but someone said you get 0- X rolls for heroes, and troops, after completing a stage, regardless of the difficulty or World energy spent.

So you have a trade off, 3 WE stages give you more rolls ( 1*/ 2* heroes, 1*/2* troops ) and recruits letting you level your heroes, but for season 1, some of the 7 WE stages give the most food, iron and XP which lets you create battle items.

Revelate mentions it here:

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I guess we need trainer troops for fast lvl rofl

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