Help f. decisions after new year's resolution

Since I stopped spending as new year’s resolution (works pretty well up to now :smiley: ), I am confident that I will not pull any further exceptionally strong 5* heroes which means that I am not going to wait anymore and focus on leveling my current roster. And I am definitely in need of kindly asking you to help me decide who for each color.

So these are my current maxed heroes (* if emblemed):


And my unleveled 5*:


And these are my mats as well as my personal thoughts about leveling - but totally unsure about that:


Thanks for your help! I appreciate your time and input!

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Fire/Red: I’d go Kong (I did!)… Significant AoE, paired with Wilbur and BK on offense packs a serious wallop (I regularly wipe enemy defences in one hit with this combo!).
Extremely underrated hero - packs more upfront damage than Azlar, at faster mana and in a sturdier package…
I don’t see anything that would push me into doing Elena before Kong (possibly ever) and definitely not with your bench.

Nature/Green: with a nicely developed bench already I think Gregorian comes into the picture… +Crit only really shows its utility in a decent stack, which you have.

Ice/Blue: Magni might have some utility but you do already have some great snipe in blue… Richard makes some sense if you want a blue war tank (or might do in future?) and isn’t without use anyway.

Dark/Purple: Domitia is not without utility… But you don’t really need her.
Quintus would offer huge AoE devastation but he’s squishy.
Obakan I wouldn’t even consider.

Holy/Yellow: no point having two Inari I don’t think… Leo isn’t eart shattering but is useful, and your yellow bench wouldn’t complain about another sniper (it doesn’t need it, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt).

For me:

Park the dark until more blades come up, then decide.


Who next

From what I can tell the biggest benefit at this point is depth more than anything. Depth and tournaments.
Titans you got your teams pretty well built but I think this was by design somewhat (which is awesome!!)

Elena. The attack stat is immense. Makes her gun against titans. Also pretty deadly in Raid tournaments.

Next would be Kong. Agree with bubbles that he’s pretty underrated and often people forget he’s Average speed putting him at the same as Wilbur and Falcon (good for events!)

Morgan!! She’s an absolute weapon in the wing. Mine is now +16 and features in pretty well every war and raid defence. She’s also beastly in raid offence as she’s healing dot. Means that she ignores all the buffs etc… That get cast. I’ve also on a number of occasions had her clear out a crappy raid all on her own by multi-casting the special on the enemies…

Greg would be next, the crit buff tho is overrated imo for titans as the same effect can permanently be achieved with troops…

Probably Richard next. Get some extra DoA damage into your blues. The attack debuff is also a good bonus against raid enemies.
Also will serve as a blue tank should you want one for tournaments and wars.

Second Arthur or Magni would be next options.

Leo. Go for variety and a second sniper. Second Inari would only be good for more titan damage but… Leo is probably better in the bigger scheme of things.

Quintus. The DoA is great in a purple stack. Plus his attack stat isn’t something to sneeze at. Also great for RA tournaments.

Dom would only be for recommended only for titans (for the yellow buff) but I can’t see her displacing any of the obvious ones (panther, kage, Kunchen & Seshat… Maybe seshat but…?)

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Hello after several x10 shots at Atlantis and several events I decided to follow your idea just spend by now you get little and nothing if they do not adjust the percentages I focus on my heroes even if they are not all top is just a game and you have to have fun without following the illusions of a perfect shot that will never happen and as Dante Alighieri says leave all hope to you that you enter :kissing_heart:

Elena’s attack isn’t much higher than Kong unless you have costume… It’s higher, but not higher enough (IMHO) to negate slow speed - plus you get way more SS damage out of Kong.

With BK there to boost in a stack, Kong is almost a no-brainer over Elena IMHO

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Was mainly talking titans where the special speed makes no difference cause all the damage really comes from tiles :stuck_out_tongue:

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True… but then 20pts attack advantage on titans Vs having a hero that’s much better damage dealing in raids?

Easy for me :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe, but given OPs currently maxed heroes, I can’t really see either being raid contenders…

Not in a 4-1, 3-1-1, 3-2, 2-2-1 stack… Basically anything but mono red and even then…


Depends on the setup… Raiding with BK & Wilbur (which I do a lot), the bigger AoE dealers become crushingly powerful.

Having BK maxed opens doors - if he weren’t then I’d agree with you, but that hugely boosted attack screams for AoE to push home the advantage further.

Elena being lower AoE damage in that scenario makes a huge difference (it’s normal for me to fire at +105% or more attack!).

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Thank you both, @BubblesUK and @Guvnor for your precious feedback!

I am starting with Richard and Leo. Greg and Morgan will be both leveled because I almost have 12 tonics. After that I am deciding about Kong/Elena.

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