HELP! E&P app won't finish loading!

I left the game earlier this morning for some much needed rest and now I can’t get the app to open! Just says loading and is fully loaded according to the status bar.

Uninstall/Reinstall doesnt work?

Had to do a systems restart which optimized each app. Reinstall would probably have achieved the same result! Thanks so much for the quick response!

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I also have this problem. How do I resolve it? Sorry, new to all this.

This happened today July 17, 2018. The connecting process never finishes and I can’t get to my actual game. But I do get nofications of being attacked. I am afraid to uninstall/reinstall because I don’t think my game is saved.

Similar problem here, cannot connect, tried via WiFi and 3G and two devices. Has the maintenance finished?

I think still maintainance time.
Cannot connect as well.