Help defense tournament

Help best defense team tournament?

I keep my opinion

KAGE for a slight dispel
ZIMI for the cleanse
MAG as meatshield with def for 3
GRAVEY to fear the opponent
DRAKE to blind at least 2

They’ll bring a green stack against Mag, which will be weak against both red flanks.


Is very good like you set. Gravemaker is the best tank at this rule. Until the opponent will get rid of him, half of his team is already gone. This is bloody battle. Only one very lucky board can save one opponent of such talented GM and his nearby heroes. Especially with Drake (he and Zeline are the best flanks in the game) there.

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Have you looked here for input? There is a post just for this.

@zephyr1 @Kerridoc @Coppersky @Rook @Garanwyn

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@littleKAF, well that bring us with another new child thread, great idea though, then next we can add tiitle with (Latest 2019-10-09 5* Bloody Battle).
So, this can be:
-Need Help/Advice Defense Tournament (Latest 2019-10-09 5* Bloody Battle)
But I think, it should be one in the main thread to make comfort with others, it is too much jump to another thread. And this happen only in 1st day tournament setup.

I’m follow which ever is great for everyone though.

  • Tournament defense help should seperate thread
  • Tournament defense help is included in the main thread

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Thank you my friend…

Thank you my friend…