Help defense or attack

Plz help me pick which is the best 5 for defence and for attack!!!

For defense I like:
Hansel (or Caedmon as Hansel dont work exeptionally well with Proteus)-Grimm-Grazul-Proteus-Alasie

For attack, it always will depend on opponents. I personally, with many others, prefer to use a x3 color stack against tank or defense favored color with a x2 color that helps synergies or covers up weaknesses of the team.

But heroes that can always net you good value for low risk on attack, imho are: Hansel/Proteus and fast snipers which you only have Marjana and the guardians. Which, tbh, I would give priority to the Guardians but that if you care about Titan loot and Event completition.

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I see jackal and falcon - level those two up.

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Basen on your roster so far…

Scarlett - Rigard - Li Xiu - Alasie - Marjana

Depend on your opponent.

Priority to level:


Proteus ASAP max and emblem, then finish Gafar to 3.60, Tiburtus and costume Tibs.
Proteus very good for rare quest, event, map, raid, etc…


FInish Li Xiu, Jackal, then Chao.
Duo Jackal-Chao is very good for offense.


Boldtusk ASAP, then Wilbur, then Falcon
This trio is very very great, specially for titan and raid and event.


Sonya, Kiril, Boril
We need fast dispeller, and Caedmon can wait because we can priority Hansel for green.


Hansel ASAP, FInish Mnesseus (very very great), Caedmon


before I judge or praise the defense team that you recomend- why that lineup of all possible lineups ?

yes, and I mean with the current leveling progress, not asumed that all heroes are maxed.

Thanks. I appreciate it and i will work on those heros asap. So I’m assuming that I do have alot of heros that can work together. Am I correct?

Yes you have a number of heros that work together. Although I’m assuming you’re using a more scattergun approach with your hero levelling. :thinking:. I agree with @jinbatsu suggestions.

Can I also suggest you find a good training alliance as they will have knowledgeable people on hand to help you develop your roster. This will also help you avoid levelling pitfalls. Check out alliance recruitment.

Useful information here too.

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