Help defence team lll

Hello guys,

Hope everyone is doing ok…

Could you please help me out on my defense team?
The pic below is my actual defence team, in terms of blue I’m absolutely fine, lucky enough to pull vela :slight_smile: but I have some concerns about the position of my tank and also my flanks and rears. I need some suggestions about my rooster. On my second upload I have my relevant heroes. Could you guys please advise if I should change someone?
I have mats for red and green im waiting 1 tabard and 2 orbs for malosi. Im not worried about malosi cause as far I understood doesn’t work pretty well on defense.

Thanks a million for the great support you’ve been providing.


To be honest that pretty soild from what you shown of rosta level wilbur fyrea atmos

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In terms of advice for future levelling it is worth showing the rest of your roster too :wink:

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Just added the remaining heroes, thanks Guvnor

Proteus Grimm Peters BT Jackal should be next training targets to max

Don’t worry about your defense. What you have is fine, concentrate on attacking and stacking depth

Proteus particularly should be a focus, he is a win button for events bosses when fed mana


I personally advise this:

Before you get sucked into the time drain which is “maxing a 5* hero” I would build up your depth a bit more in the 4* arena.

Yellow -> Jackal then Wu Kong
Purple -> Proteus…
Blue -> Nodri then Grimm then Sonya
Green -> Melendor then Peters
Red -> Wilbur then Kelile

I would also suggest getting some 3* done for the events & tournaments as these are easy & cheap ways of getting materials & resources:
Yellow -> Kavisr & Bane & Pixie
Purple -> Gill Ra & Bjorn & Guardian Bat
Blue -> Nodri & Gato (if you got him x2)
Red -> Costume Hawkmoon!!! & Nashgar & Namahage (if you got him)
Green -> Brienne & Belith & Muggy


Thanks Infinite, he is fresh, just pulled him on the previous Atlantis, I’ll definitely prioritize him

Insane tips, noted, once again thanks…

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Kolen is too squishy and slow for defence. If enemy can remove him quickly, you’ll lack target damage to surpass the enemy healers and make kills.

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