Help deciding on what 4* to level up


I have Boril at 2/35 but also have Agwe and Grimm unleveled. Should I focus all my efforts to leveling Boril or put some work into Agwe and Grimm?

Also, I have Melendor at 2/39 but also have an unleveled Gobbler and Melendor.

I have Azar and Jahangir, but hoping to pull a 4* red once the elemental summon changes to Red.

Basically, where should I focus my efforts for my blue and green 4*’s? Thanks a bunch!!!

My main team is

I would do Melendor and Boril first, then work on Grimm. You need at least a fully leveled 3 red for a rainbow team, I prefer Jahangir. Skip Gobbler, one of the weakest.


Finish your Boril first, then Grimm for sure. Boril is good all around utility for finishing content, letting enemies nuke themselves. Grimm is amazing Raid offense damage.
Melendor, then your other Melendor for War teams. Gobbler is only good for attack power stacking on Titans.


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