Help Decide Who Should I Level Next

I need some help on who I should level next. I’m running low on ascension items and I really would like your input. Below s my main defense and the chooses I need to make for Purple…Freya or Obakan. Yellow… Malosi or Norns. Blue… Alice or Master Lepus. Green… Telluria or Elkanen. Thanks for any help you can provide!

Nice rosta me I’d go Freya, malso or rooster Alice and telly


Thank you. I didn’t think about the Rooster because of the negative effect on his special. I might have to consider him.

I would go Freya, Malosi, Alice and Telly



Unless this question is a joke, which I’m inclined to believe considering your roster and obvious experience… :wink:


Also lepus is good choice as you got Frida athena that trio works wonders.
Sure the defence down is a pain but with the reward. Play around with rooster n lepus see what works :+1:

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I’m an ignorant, that only has a single 5☆ maxed an play in platinum. However, considering what I have read about those heroes in the forum, all your options have a clear winner.

Oba hits like a kitty, Norns seem good but Malosi seems to be a great tank breaker, Lepus is a glass cannon, and Tellu is a rockstar so sorry Elkanen. Altough, as @mperorL sugested, you may be already more than aware.


Yeah, seems like only Lepus vs Alice is in question. I’d go with Alice since you don’t already have a fast blue sniper, but a case could be made for the synergy between Frida and Lepus.

Other than that, Freya, Malosi and Telly are slam dunks.

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The reason I question Telluria is because I have two healers already on my defense with Argirs and Kunchen.

Thanks a lot for you replies. It sounds like the HOTM are the obvious answers.

That’s a good point. Frida or Lepus but I would have to pull emblems of Argis and give half to Frida.

Freya, Norns, Alice, Tell.

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