Help creating 2 good like teams

Hi smart EP players, I’m interested in hearing your opinions in creating 2 most feared, bass teams possible.
(assuming your have access to all the Heroes and unlimited mats):

  1. One defensive team that runs out the clock on the attacker and can’t be killed (no offense just denfense)
  2. Another team that kills in one second (no denfense, just offense). Pulverizes the attacker as fast as possible.
    Can’t wait to what you guys think, and if there are any consensus.

Let me know if you find any


But seriously, folks

I dunno


MN - Kunch - Guin - Boss - MN

Probably too slow. Shoehorn in zeline somewhere. And BK is a pain too


GM - Kage - Pos - Kage - GM

Definitely not!