Help composing multiple teams

I’ve been playing E&P for almost a year, and have basically finally managed to collect enough ascension materials to do exactly one final-tier ascension for a five-star hero of each color. I also have enough materials to not worry too much about how many four-star heroes I can ascend.

I am trying to figure out the best raid defense, raid offense, and war defense teams that I can build over the long term. Here’s what I have now (“FA” means ready for final ascension to top tier of 5 star):

Blue: Athena (maxed), Boril (maxed), Sonya

Red: Marjana (maxed), Ares, Boldtusk, Scarlett, Keilie, Gormek

Green: Zeline (on the way to max), Horghall (FA), Melendor (maxed), Cabin Boy Peters, Caedmon, Kashrek, Little John, Skittleskull

Purple: Quintus (FA), Sabina (maxed), Rigard, Cyprian

Yellow: Hu Tao (maxed), Wu Kong (maxed), Li Xiu (on the way to max), Chao

My usual line-up for most things right now is Athena - Hu Tao - Quintus - Marjana - Melendor.

My current intent is to finish leveling up Zeline and Rigard, who are both recently acquisitions, and swap out Quintus and Melendor in favor of them. I’m not sure who I’ll put in the central “tank” position, but I’m thinking it will probably be: Athena - Zeline - Hu Tao - Marjana - Rigard.

I’ve experimented some with Wu Kong replacing Hu Tao in my titan team, which leads to wildly variable results, because a good chunk of my team’s titan damage comes from Athena’s big defense debuff, so if that misses, that can really lower damage output. The luck of the color matches may swing things too wildly.

I’m also wondering if it might be a good idea to do single-target hitters in a titan team even if they are 4* rather than 5*.

Any thoughts on how to get the best out of my roster, especially the ones that are already leveled up? (I am thinking that I am not going to ascend Quintus, in hopes of eventually drawing a better purple 5*. I usually do the 10x elemental summon once a month for purples, and have had godawful luck, pulling entirely 3*, save for one Sabrina last month, and a Rigard and Cyprian this month.)


What does “on the way to max” mean for zeline? if she’s 3/70 or better, swap her out for hu tao and don’t look back. you don’t need to run a rainbow team.

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If you have all the mats for Ares, I’d suggest getting him max asap. Then you have a great option for center tank.

Zeline is clearly a must. You should also focus on Ares that is a good tank (even if it is my favorite target).

Regarding titan, Rainbow team is not a good practice. You should at least remove the weak color (except wukong) and have 2/3/4 heroes of strong color. One of the strongest member of my alliance use wukong and athena together and usually makes more damage as I do because of athena. When I was not using wukong I was always below 20/25K on 9* titans. With wukong I can reach 45/50K frequently and really few attacks are low. Our top 10 members are all using wukong against titans.

Regarding roll, don´t except to much of them. Result is always disappointing.

Thanks. I’ve replaced Hu Tao with Zeline, and damage output against titans has gone up considerably – thanks, folks.

An interesting complication: I just pulled Justice from my training camp. Worth leveling up? Justice seems to basically be a 5* version of Hu Tao.

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