Help choosing next yellow to level

I recently tried my luck with the event and Atlantis. I still haven’t gotten a 5* except Aegir in my alt. But along with Gormek, and dupe Kiril and tibertus, its been all yellow.
Danzaburo, li xiu, hu tao and chao. I have chao leveled in alt so I know his ability. My question is given those 4, what would be best order? I was thinking li, chao, hu, Dana.
With similar stats, chao is fast but a sniper while li hits everyone. Both also take mana. Hu tao does same as li, slightly stronger but hes slow so that was why i put 3rd.
Any info is helpful, using for raid or war, etc. Thank you all.

I have heard Danz is a lot of fun. I believe @Kerridoc has used him. I haven’t pulled him.

The other 3 are meh to be honest depending at which point you are at. I have eaten both Hu and Li (They were 2 of my first yellow 4*). I have a Chao at 3/60 and 1 unleveled. I use one for wars and may up the other for the same reason. He doesn’t see any play outside of that.

Li is a decent tank in platinum. I just wish she hit a little harder. She is quite annoying to face as she always fires when my specials are ready.

If this is your first yellow I may lean Li or Chao. If you have others leveled I may give Danz a try.

My 2 cents…

Danzaburo has 3 options in raids
1 - Wins you the game
2 - Probably loses you the game
3 - Kinda helps to power up rest of the heroes

I wouldn’t use him in pve

Like I said it depends on the other heros he has.

Danz could be a fun option to use. I wish I had him I like trying new things and he could be interesting.

I’m not a very experienced player, but Li is the most boring hero I have - she works really well in raid defense and is super boring for anything else. If you want to reduce the mana of a boss, it will be full again if you touch it with a tiny tile. Ofc I got 2 Li before I got any other yellow 4*, but I pulled Danzaburo today and can’t wait to level him - even if he freeze 99% of the time he will be more fun than Li :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah Li is not fun, can be annoying sometimes. But she loses her appeal quickly.

Have fun with Danz! I hope to get him soon.

Dan is the first yellow I lvled to max when I started playing. Honestly, using him can be quite frustrating. Normally u will hope for his first skill which is quite op. His second skill is pretty good when it comes to defending. However, there’s a 1/3 chance he hibernates and fall asleep. Imagine he freezes two-three times in a row. Not always but happens quite often. It’s similar to the type of frustration when u try to pull from summons. Definitely dont recommend him as ur first yellow =/

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To be more specific, he fizzles twice in a row about 10% of the time and three times in a row (if you survive that long) about 4% of the time, at which point you’ve lost.

But then again, he comes up swords at the same rate, at which point you’ve won. Having (all? most of?) the weird chance-based abilities in yellow is just weird.

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It’s not a popular choice, but I think out of those options (which are admittedly not the best options out there) I’d take Hu Tao.

The mana reduction from Li is super annoying to face in raids, but it really doesn’t do much otherwise. Chao has the same issue – he’s an alright sniper but I’d honestly rather have more damage and no mana reduction on him.

Danzaburo is probably a good second choice but I’d hate to have him as my go-to yellow. He’s back-burnered for me right now but I’ll level him eventually.

Hu though… don’t underestimate blinding as a status effect. It’s not as obviously detrimental as burning or poison, but it can absolutely, 100% save your ■■■ if you happen to get lucky. Suddenly having everyone and everything miss you just long enough to get a heal off is a beautiful thing.

Sure, his damage isn’t great. Yes, blinding is another chance-based mechanism. At early stages though? A lucky blind can win you more raids than you might think.

I am surprised by the hate for Li. She single handedly keeps me at 2000+ trophies. No five star help.

I vote Li. Consistent. She is tough to take down in raids.

  1. Danza - 3 different skills but everyone will help and/or suppurt your team
  2. Li - her manareduce to all is for your team much better than the higher hit and only to 1 mandareduce of Chao and this can help you that your heroes can shot there specials bevore your enemie can do it. Especially when you tell you have tiburtus and gormek with the deffreduce so all tiles and specials make more damage before your enemie can (maybe) shot
  3. Hu - nearly good as Li and and also blinds to all and surely some like more blinding than manareduce but you must always hope that you didnt get a hit when your enemy is shooting. so i prefer the manareduce so that they couldnt shot or can only shot later and he is slow compare to Li
  4. Chao - ok he hits harder but the support for the team is to less compare to Li and Hu so in my opionion he would be the last to levelup

just my 2 cent :wink:

  1. Li Xiu - Great tank for a 4*, but is also useful in a yellow stack on raids. I paired her with Wu Kong for a long time. If I need to do damage, I activate Wu first. If I need to buy another turn/delay specials, I fire Li first. She also works in tandem with Chao as a mana control duo.
  2. Chao - Fast, takes a bigger chunk of mana than Li but only on one target.
  3. Danzaburo - 2/3 times you will love him. The other 1/3, you will be disappointed for 2 turns. His mana boost plus defense ability can create all kinds of fireworks :). I adore him, but I really only use him in mono-yellow teams where I don’t have to count on him as much.
  4. Hu Tao - I was never interested in using him. Slow without much damage. :/.
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