Help chat arab

Hello everyone and a small Giant in
At the outset, I would like to tell you that the Arab chat is completely destroyed. It has more than 100 accounts. They ban anyone from using public chats and recruitment and chatting outside the topic without any reason.
Can you leave the recruitment chat or chat outside the topic?
The situation is very, very, very difficult for us for more than a year on this situation, and I have been notified for a whole year and they have not been dealt with

Ask the Small Giant and the admins dedicated to the topic to prevent the chat from recruiting anyone under level 20
In the Arab chat, enter and see the rocks, and there is no Arab administrative pocket to raise them


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@Petri @EmpiresPuzzles can u guys help pls is 1yers to much this caht like this for 1 yers

Unfortunately for the Arabs, there is no Arab administrator or an administrative person on the chat. All chats in the Arab world. If a point with a letter, you will eat a ban of 4 hours every day in this case.

I ask the administration to raise the level of the chat above 20

@PlayForFun can u help me my engilsh is bad @@

Hello @hatm

I have taken a quick look at the Arab chat.
I have seen some persons who are flooding all 3 chats with messages.


Is this is your problem ?
So some of them are flooding the chat with empty / repeating messages.

You can block these person if you click on the Block.

If you think that they are against some chat rules, then you can report it with the report button.

Have you tried that ?

I’m not fully sure what is going on either…but what I took from the above messages is that some people or groups have created a bunch of accounts and are mass reporting legitimate messages, preventing actual dialog. I thought they were showing some alliances where these fake accounts are located and have requested that that the level to interact in chat me raised to prevent them from operating in chat. Putting a level 20 requirement wouldn’t work and leave out many legitimate people…but something most definitely appears to need attention. That’s I’ll I’ve got. Not sure if this helps you @PlayForFun but figured I’d offer my perspective since there seems to a somewhat of a language barrier going on with getting the exact issue/issues across

Ok, I have asked Staff to check it.

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Staff has noted my message:



No clue what’s being said but there is a very concerted effort by someone to ruin the chat. You can find several alliance like the below just spamming nothing. I guess if you mute/ban they will just do it again so if you are legitimately trying to use one of the rooms it’s impossible due to a very dedicated set of trolls.

I can see this would be upsetting to folk, hope SGG can do something


I have seen this before or something very similar has happened

Post 128


1- When speaking legally, you will receive a 4-hour ban without any reason
They complain about you over 20 accounts
Then I wrote 4 hours later, Why are you doing this? Janie blocked 4 hours a second hahahahaha talking legally banned you 4 hours

2- Public chatting, recruitment and chatting have become outside the topic, such as porn sites, all of which are insults and slander against parents, mother and father.

3- Even if I give him a ban, he sees my messages and complains about me

The only solution to this problem is if I block someone who does not see my messages or can block me
Or raise the level of the chat 20
Although they will raise the level of the chat 20
The reason is that they are 4 people, each person has 30 accounts, and they hold the chat for 24 hours, and they have two years of playing the game, and they retired and came back to ruin the chat and hate people in the game

Thank you so much my love @PlayForFun for fast respon