Help building teams against yellow and green titans?

I have managed to find decent teams against blue, purple and red titans at this stage, but really struggle against yellow and green. My ally fights mainly 4*, we just recently had our very first 5* (that escaped).

Here are my heroes;

Any help would be really appreciated :pray:

Basicly you want Wu-kong(or Tarlak/Miki/Ranvir/Gazelle) and 4 heroes strong for titan (best with def down and atk buff)
For now

I would go rainbow for now against all titans.

Then take the weak one out and put a 2nd strong inside of your team.

Hawk Bria Val Sabs Bane

Holy titan: Bane out - Balth in
Nature titan: Val out - Scar in

That strategy worked well for me in the beginning. Later on mono strong or 4 and an att buffer.

After some 4* maxed:
VS Green: Boldtusk (replaced Hawkmoon costume) , Gormek (replaced Valen defdown), Scarlett, any rest strong red…

After some 4* maxed:
VS Yellow: Boldtusk - Gormek - Sabina - Proteus - Balthazar
Kiril - Grimm - Sabina - Proteus - Balthazar

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Gill ra will drop attack and defense… I’d consider her for holy titans. Proteus has solid attack stats and his special is def nice.

These are listed in no particular order, and consider only heroes you have. eventually you will want to try and go 4-1 striong color, or at least 3-2.

For Green you want to get to this as you strong color 4, this gives an attack buffer, and defense dropper:
Boldtusk - Scarlett - Nashgar - Gormek

Right now it should be:
Hawkmoon costumed - Scarlett - Nashgar - Azar plus Valen

For Yellow you want to get to this as you strong color 4, For Green you want to get to this as you strong color 4, this gives a defense dropper:

Proteus - Sabina - Balthazar - Gill-Ra

Right now it should be:
Proteus - Sabina - Balthazar plus Valen & maybe Brienne or (ick) Renfeld

Good luck.

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