Help building an all around bad team!

I’m a fairly new E&P player, Ive only been playing for about 2 months. I got hooked on the game when I first started playing, so I spent a few bucks to help get a leg up and just used my strongest heros. However during this event I got some more solid heros and I could use some advice to figure out who I should focus on leveling first, to build an all around bad ■■■ team, but also which heros I should keep and work on for events and what not. I could also use some advice on my lineups as well. I’d like to focus on raids and titans so I can start getting 3 and 4 star ascension materials.

Right now I use Boldtusk center, Magni and Gregorion on the inside, and Leonidas and Rigard on the outsides.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Obviously I’m not keeping any of the 1* :joy:

Do you have the materials to max out any of your 4* or 5* heroes?

Wow, it has been only couple months and you have 8 5* heroes already? Pretty lucky.


Guin is considered as number one tank, so it could be like this:


But you’re not playing for long, so you probably don’t have enough 4* mats for final ascension of 5* heroes. If my assumption is correct, then you’d better work on your 4* first. Ideal defense team with only 4* involved could be built as follows:

Caedmon-Grimm-Boldtusk-Tiburtus-Wu Kong

Although you have a lot of offensive heroes, which aren’t so good for defense.


Here you cold see how good heroes are in the different parts of the game.
As you will notice heroes who raises ATK, reduces DEF and have special effects are highly regarded.

Boldtusk is a ok tank and it will help you in every area of the game, good job leveling him :slight_smile:

Id say to start leveling 5 heroes at once (one for each color) to speed up your team building:

  • Purple
    • Tiburtus
  • Yellow
    • Wu Kong
  • Blue
    • Grimm
  • Green
    • Belith*
  • Red
    • Boldtusk

And have this defense lineup:
Belith - Grimm - Boldtusk - Wu Kong - Tiburtus
*you could level Melendor before Belith if you find 4 sturdy shields

Then go with the next round:

  • Purple
    • Rigard
  • Yellow
    • Bane
  • Blue
    • Kiril
  • Green
    • Melendor
  • Red
    • Nashgar

And have this defense lineup:
Melendor - Grimm - Boldtusk - Wu Kong - Tiburtus

Then, once you’ll have enough materials you’ll be able to raise other heroes :slight_smile:


We are both in the same boat for the most part

Greg +Wu + Blood tusk have been an awesome combo for me. I’d worry about leveling Wu before Gwen. A strong defense team is not Important till you have an offensive team that can compete. I got 2 Gwens and I am doing nothing with them yet. I put her in as a joke and I still don’t get raided often (even when I want to)

I’d stay with Magni for blue. I still use Rigard when I need extra heals or cures. Quint only seems to be good for map farming. Merlin would be my next pick for purple.

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Unfortunately not. I cant almost max out Boldtusk I need 2 more hidden blades. But I feel like I should use them to get Marjana ascended. Thoughts?

Yeah its tough man, the farm struggle is real in this game. I appreciate your response. I had a feeling I should work on wu first but I got so excited about Gwen I immediately started working on her. She is a bad ■■■ tank I cant wait until I can actually use her. Thanks again man, much appreciated.

I have been lucky with Heroes. I have not been lucky with ascention materials at all. I still only have 1 warm cape :joy:

I like the 4* lineup but dont you think it could use some more healing? Maybe swap tiburtus for Rigard?

That seems to be the consensus. Its just so hard for me to put resources into 3 and 4* heroes when I have all these 5* that are so much better. Wish it were a little easier to aquire ascension materials. Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it!

Remember, you can generally max 2 3* heroes for the same food cost as 1 4*, and 2 4* for the same food cost as 1 5*. Those 3* and 4* at max will be stronger than a comparable 5* at 2/60 or 3/70. They will help you complete the rare quests, which are a guaranteed source of non-farmable materials to ascend your 5*.

TL:DR Walk before you run, Grasshopper


Boldtusk first, then Marjana.

What @NPNKY said. :wink:

Are you collecting ascension materials from every possible source?

  • Wanted chests (upper left of screen)
  • Rare colored Wanted chests
  • Rare Quests
  • Mystic Vision
  • Titan loot
  • War loot [very rare, closed this week]

It’s up to you, but personally I prefer only one healer in raid defense team.