Help build my titan team?


Out of these heroes, which one should I work on leveling up and ascending and which 5 would you pick to get the maximum titan damage?

For titans you need heroes that do most damage. So first you should take a look if you have some heroes that could boost your damage with their special abilty. Most important abilities are attack buff (Boldtusk) and defense debuff (Tiburtus, Valen). Then there are some heroes with elemental defender debuff (Jackal), that are even more useful if you have two heroes of the respective colour in your team. The rest of the team should be filled with the best attackers. (The most important hero for titans is Wu Kong. Just to keep in mind.)

But: You should not use one single team for titans, but the heroes that make most damage against the respective titan you attack. So if you have to fight against a blue titan, you should (normally!) skip your red hero and take another green one in your team. Here comes another “but”: this makes only sense if that skipped hero does not have an important special ability like Boldtusk with his attack buff.

At the moment you should concentrate to level up only one 4* hero of each colour anyway. Don’t stop levelling them up just because you want to have a good titan team. Just try to get your current heroes as high as possible and start to level up your “titan heroes” afterwards.

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Would you advise to first focus on one hero and get him fully maxed? Then move on to another or even them out so they are all basically on the same level and my damage is raising up as I go?

At the moment I’m clocking in 20k titan damage on average.

Some do so. I always level all colours at the same time, because I don’t like to waste heroes because of mixed feeding. A hero of the same colour gives 20% more EP. But that’s a matter of taste, I think.

Heroes of the same color also give better chances for special skill increases.

That’s another issue that I’m having. My Beleth is level 50 maxed but only 4/8. I’ve been feeding her green trainers and green heroes with no luck. Is it a bug and she’ll be stuck forever or should I just keep persisting and losing my green heroes to her just in case?

I would not waste heroes on feeding maxed 3*. And especially not trainers. Just accept your Belith as she is, because that problem occurs quite often. :wink: You should not face that problem with your 4*; it’s nearly impossible to not get their ability maxed.

I’m hoping to get a Melendor one fine day so I could replace her. For a while she’s been my only healer which is why it’s been frustrating. You are right though, I’ll focus on 4*. Another question I had but couldn’t find an answer. Do we get an extra training camp at stronghold level 20? There are 4 empty building spaces. That would really help if tc was one of them.

Yeah we do get 4 TC’s at SH 20.

First set would be BT / Tibby / Jackal / Peters / Sonya

Which incidentally is one of the best raid attack teams you can make too. After that secondary choices like Falcon are clutch.

Thank you so much for your reply! I’m 4 days away from sh 20 so my plan is to keep two tcs running for cheap heroes as food for my 4* and make the other two tcs legendary.

And that really helps to know which of these I should focus on.

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