Help best troops for my heroes?

what is the best troops for my team defense ?..
I’m going to magni instead of richard…I have critical and mana 4* …
Thanks for help in choosing the team.

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On defense, the general wisdom is that Mana troops are superior. The Crit bonus is only applied on the occasional “slash” attacks, which occur far less often on defense than tile hits on offense. Also the mana increase is more valuable: mana on offense is gained in discrete packets from each tile, while on defense heroes gain mana both from tile hits and gradually. Therefore, even lower-level mana troops like these can have a meaningful effect on how quickly they cast.

I still like crit troops on offense. The challenge is deciding how to spend one’s scarce troop feeders.

Level both troops. At some point you’ll want to double up (e.g. use both Magni and Richard in the same team).

This… unless you’re playing casually and it’s going to take you several months to max Magni. In that case troops don’t matter much either.

Thanks fir information

Thanks for information

Troops mana for every always😊? Grave nivel 11 mana of course…and the others?..the dream nivel 29?

If I had unlimited funds, sure, I’d max my mana troops first. Take a look through the defensive teams atop the leaderboard. I like having the option of putting in high-defense troops, though, knowing that I’m not really giving up much (on offense, at least) in total HP dealt by tiles because of the crit bonus. The crit bonus doesn’t help special attacks, however.

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Thanks…i go mana😊…

Congratulations for the epic teltoc…nice team…great perfomance…

Thanks, @Branda! This was a hard-fought battle that pushed all of the top contenders to new levels. All top-ten finishers in Epic set a new high score for this tier. It really came down to RNG about getting the best opening board, plus four month’s preparation for this event. I’ve wanted to win Panther for a while (having never drawn her), so I’ve been storing up the resources to win this fight. Even still, it came down to the wire. @Uclapack is a formidable opponent!

it sure was a tense fight and you won with merit … if you can give some advice thank you … what battle items do you use? … and have you always worn the red team?