Help! Best level for Scabbard?

Where should I attack to receive Scabbard? Is 17-1 still the place to go?

I used to get them from 12-9 and 13-6, best 4 energy levels that still give you a chance at them. I go for lowest energy i can that has a chance at items i want. More chances has worked better for me than increased chances but maybe I’m just lucky


I will definitely give them a try today. Thanks!

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12-9 is a good farming level in general:

  • Recruits almost as good as 8-7/6-8/7-7 (I still spend at least half my farming in one of those three!)
  • It can get all the useful ascension / crafting materials (Some aren’t available in lower levels), and has a fairly high item drop rate.
  • Nothing past it in S1 has enough recruits to be (in my opinion) good farming, even if they have better XP and crafting mats.

And if you farm it regularly for a month, you will probably never have a shortage of any farmable ascension items (like scabbards) again.


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