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Running an iPad and thinking about changing to an android tablet. Thing is that the email address on iPad is my company one and I will have a new email address on my new private tablet then, probably. Don’t wanna do that before knowing 100% that account won’t be lost that way and honestly I have no idea about such stuff, never had a smartphone and never will. Anyone experienced with that, thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face::fox_face:

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No direct experience with any of this personally, but make sure that you have your account number stored, so if anything goes sideways, support should be able to recover your account for you :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly (may not be) Account numbers change when switching between ipad/android, so save the new one too :slight_smile:


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: so step one is screenshot of starting screen with account on it, done. :fox_face:


Anyone got experience on that before this topic disappears into forum nirvana? :fox_face:

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Not that much experience, but i will share what i got:

I play the game on my iPhone and my iPad. Both devices use the same account. However, the account number shown on startup is different.

I started playing on my mobile phone first, later decided to link my ipad as well, because it’s got a bigger screen. After being forced to play through the tutorial on my ipad again, I was able to link to my existing account via game-center. However, the ipad-account was overwritten and replaced with the iphone account. (but to this day they have different account numbers)
Also, I am not able to connect with both devices at the same time. I get a forced logout once i try this.

So I guess that it works like this: generate the code on your old device, start the game on the new device and enter that code there. The new device account should be overwritten with the old /existing account.

However, this experience is about a year old, maybe someone else can confirm it?


Thank you, makes sense. Think i need to play turtorial again too then before being able to access options for typing code!? :thinking: Oh man, miss the old super nintendo days :sweat_smile:

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exactly what I had to do.

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Does it work ipad to ipad the same way, on my way to store, dont wanna make a mistake :laughing:

Hi again! Got my new iPad, everything working fine. Thing is that since I quit my job this week I have to return my company’s one on which I started playing. I have a company ICloud-ID and now on new iPad too since connecting them to play on both. I can change it to a new email address but heard there could be problems with updating then, is there even need to or does that company ID exist then too anyway and belong to my new iPad when i reset and delete the company’s one before giving it back? Anyone experienced that, is my connection on FB a backup, if something goes wrong etc. No native speaker and no idea about electronics, please keep that in mind :smile:
Found nothing that helped me answer that on ingame support.

Hmmm, so sorry, not sure about Apple.

In Google land I have an email that links to Google Play, that’s where my account is kept.

Different email, different account (I have an alt account that’s completely separate, identified by email, separate Google account)

So as far as I can see email address is king, unless you can change that in the thingy that holds your game account. Which you said you could? I can’t.

There shouldn’t be anything stored on your hardware/device. So if you’re already playing on your new device, your account is fine you can wipe the old device.

Don’t kill me if I’m wrong!

In my case I got a new phone recently, I didn’t have to backup anything (maybe WhatsApp stuff…), I simply log in to my Google account, everything’s there.

Doesn’t mac account work similarly?

Edit: just tried to login to SG account, couldn’t. Yet everything works. Idiots.

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Thank you! Made screenshots of everything if something goes wrong, i am a stoneage cave man when it comes to such things :laughing:

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Screenshots are great!

I used to be a Mac nerd for decades, am now googled to the eyeballs.:roll_eyes: I’m sitting on big brother’s lap, suggled into his chest, giving him unearned and undeserved trust like a kitten or a child in Santa’s arms…

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