Help as a new player

I am confused new player and would like to get help on how to work my characters and troops. I guess I just don’t understand how to get them stronger.

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You level up your characters by clicking on their card -> level up. I recommend feeding them 1* and 2* of the same color, and focus only on one hero of each color at a time…

You need a level 10 base before you can level up your troops. When you get there, click on one of your level 5 forges and click convert. Technically any building works, but forges are recommended because you rarely need more than two active. I recommend keeping at least 5 of each color, 2* and up troops.


This helped me when I first started. Make sure to check out the links as well. Also worth a scroll through the comments

GOOD LUCK. Please ask away here with any questions you may have. The only dumb question is the one left unasked.


You haven’t mentioned if you are currently in a good training alliance. If not, that should be something to consider.


This is what I have right no



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@PapaBear1, look up “Voidbringers” in Alliances (Shameless Plug for a training alliance) We have several new players such as yourself. You have a good start there but a long road of leveling ahead of you. Start with your 3* heroes 1st. Get several max level, rainbow color teams of 3*. Then start working on the 4*.

The 3* do not need unfarmable ascension materials to max level. Plus they can help you to get ascension materials for your 4*.

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It’s great you’ve come to the forum to ask for help. As @princess1 and @PapaHeavy have suggested a great training alliance would help you to decide on levelling priorities and give you the expertise you need - we’ve all been there.

What’s more you already have an invitation to join a great alliance. Btw you will need 40 heros to make up 6 war teams for alliance wars - I’m thinking you’re not quite there yet at level 12?

Good luck :smile:

Edit: My apologies, I made an assumption based on the ten heros I saw. Hopefully you’re completing the various events to earn those summons tokens. Higher titans will also drop better loot - a supportive alliance will help you with this.

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I am at level 19 at the moment


@PapaBear1, level means very little other than you can participate in Alliance Wars at level 12. Concentrate on getting several rainbow teams of 3* heroes. Like @Sarah2 said, you’ll need 30 heroes to be capable of fielding 6 teams ( you can only use each hero once) in alliance wars.

Also having teams of maxed 3* help with special events. Allowing you to finish the rare portion of each event minimally. Also the 3* teams will also allow you to play in the tournaments when teams are relegated to 3* heroes.

Meanwhile peruse the forums. You can find the answers to almost all your questions here plus awesome advice. I know that if I hadn’t found the forums I’d still be playing like a blind man with 1 arm.

P.S and papabear. The invitation still stands. Stop in and say hi in my Voidbringers alliance. Even if you only stay a short time I think you will learn much. Plus you will have quite a few players around your level so you’ll fit in nicely


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