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Hi i lost my another account and i dont know why he steel in m’y alliency titanofIgloo m y Nick was Paty en vacance Anybody could help me

@paty You will need to send a support ticket directly to SG. This forum is mainly monitored by other players such as yourself, so we don’t have access to your account.

You can submit a ticket by pressing the Support button in-game:

I try Many Times but nothing happend

@paty I may have misunderstood as your post did not translate well into English :unamused: Are you saying that you had 2 accounts but you no longer have access to one? This old account is still in your alliance and you need to know how to get it out of the alliance?

If this is what you need help with, these steps should help:

  1. You will need to be a leader or co-leader of the alliance. I think Elder May work as well. Whoever does this definitely needs to have a higher ranking than the person you’re kicking from the alliance.
  2. Tap on the Alliance icon in the game (bottom of the screen).
  3. Tap on the Members tab.
  4. Find the person you’re trying to remove from your alliance.
  5. If the person is an Elder or above, you will see a Demote button at the bottom of the screen. The person must be demoted first.
  6. Once demoted (of if the person wasn’t an Elder or above) you will see 2 buttons - Kick and Promote.
  7. Kick the person from the alliance.

Hopefully this is what you’re asking. Here’s some screenshots to help.

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Hi sorry its not that … Un october i Do the MAJ but after i cant use m’y account i dont know why i cant use it but m’y account stay on the alliance but i cant plays whit … i try so many Time ans nothing happening … I ave some recive from
this account if that could help you
Pas 70425308L8564041C824872b 02/10/2018 05:31:37 pb

Could toi help me too ave back Paty en vacance ??

@paty I was hoping the last suggestion would help :hushed: Unfortunately, this forum is generally monitored by players like you. SG staff sometimes has input on bugs and issues, but they do not handle any issues with accounts through the forum. All account issues must be communicated through a help ticket.

You mentioned you tried submitting a support ticket but did not get this resolved. Part of the issue may be the language barrier. While your English translation is good enough for most people to understand you have an issue with your account, some of the smaller details that SG needs may be getting lost.

I suggest you send your request in both English and your native language. You could also try using a translation system like Google Translate to improve the English version.

I hope this helps and good luck!

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Just in case you’re having trouble submitting a support ticket because you can’t get into the game, here’s a link to the support request system that will work from your web browser:

Bonjour oui la langue cause des barrière… j’ai faite la mise a jour en octobre pour l’événement Halloween vers le 20 octobre j’ai essayer de me connecter mais ça fonctionnais pas on m’avais dit d enlever le jeu et le remettre vue que j’avais
sauvegarder avec Play store mais ça n’a jamais fonctionné… depuis j’ai demander a mainte reprise mais rien… Paty en vacance est toujours dans l’alliance le fort des titans mais je ne peu pas jouer avec aucun accès même si c’ est mon compte… je ne peux
que le regarder perdre ses trophés rien d autre… on m’a dit de vous donner un numéro de facture du jeu en voici les numéro pd70425308l8564041c824872b achat le 02/10/2018 a 05:31:37pb nom de compte Paty en vacance merci de votre aide

Mon nouveau email pour le jeu est le

Numéro de facture 8L8564041c824872b facturer le 02/10/2018 05:31:37pb

@paty - I was able to use Google Translate to understand your message. Please send that in a support ticket to SG as account issues are not handled through the forum.

J’ai été capable d’utiliser Google Traduction pour comprendre votre message. Veuillez l’envoyer dans un ticket d’assistance à SG car les problèmes de compte ne sont pas traités via le forum.

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