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I’ll help out with a list of things that need to be updated. Whew, this is a big endeavour!

Right I’m gonna get some coffee then be back to start on this

@Dudeious.Maximus if I have time, i’ll add new buffs/ailments and links to icons shared by posters into my post for easy collection

So I’m structuring it as follows: for each category (Buff, Ailment, Stack) I separate out completely new entries, vs. existing entries that need to be updated.

– I may have missed something so would be great if posters can -

  1. add anything I missed by numbering or specifying if it is 1) Buff, 2) Ailment, 3) Stack

  2. I used numbers and letters - if anyone wants to share a screenshot of the icon, please post with a number /letter too, e.g. 2) b) Element Link Recover HP.

The list for now — I checked HOTMs, League of Villains, Slayers, Underwild and Starfall. Also checked the recent Valhalla releases. Does not include unreleased heroes yet

I also added example heroes having the buff/ailment, to make it easier to find screenshots. (it is NOT meant to be a complete list!!! Just an example!!)

Some of the buffs/ailments here so far are unique/consistent, so I’m adding the turn duration (for Elemental Link for example). But for others below, maybe we need to leave number of turns out as we don’t know if new heroes will come out with these… (e.g. the buffs from Elradir’s, Glenda’s special skills)

**edited to move passive abilities to a separate section of the list, down to #5. They used to be part of #1 so the numbering by me and @ferg still uses 1-letter. thanks to @ferg and @Tess_01 for the input re Passive Abilities not exactly counting as buffs!

  1. Buffs - Totally New (includes Underwild Passive Skills)

a) Elemental Link Mana Gain - “Gives a small amount of mana per turn to all heroes of the same colored element for 4 turns. Undispellable” (HOTMs: Malicna, Frosth, Yang Mai, Elradir, Devana) Icon provided by @Radar1

Icon by @ferg

b) Elemental Link Recover Up - "Gives 10% increase for any healing received to all heroes of the same colored element for 4 turns. Undispellable (HOTMs: Chakkoszrot and the next 4 HOTMs)

c) Elemental Link Minion Summon - “Summons a minion of the same colored element with 5% health and 10% attack of the caster, for all heroes of the same colored element” (HOTMs: Zulag, Glenda, Reuben, Bertila, Uraeus) Icon by @ferg

d) Reflect Ailment Damage - Reflects 100% of damage received from caster’s status ailments to all enemies. All enemies get the full damage. (reference: Elradir) Icon by @Radar1

e) Status Ailments Damage Reduction - Reduces damage received from status ailments by 50% for all allies (Reuben) Icon by @ferg

f) Dig a Hole - For 2 turns, caster cannot gain mana, is immune to normal attacks, specials and status effects. After 2 turns, caster does damage to a random enemy. The enemy cannot gain mana for 2 turns. (Morris) Icon by @ferg

ae) Reflect Nature - Reflect all status effects and damage, and block other negative effects from Nature special skills (Aether quest bosses)

af) Reflect Fire - Reflect all status effects and damage, and block other negative effects from Fire special skills (Aether quest bosses)

ag) Reflect Dark - Reflect all status effects and damage, and block other negative effects from Dark special skills (Aether quest bosses) Icon by @ferg

ah) Hiding. Caster is immune to status effects and stacks. Received damage is reduced by 30%. When effect ends, deals damage to all enemies who used special skills while target was hiding. (Russula) Icon by @ferg

ao) Unbreakable Brawler: Deals 165% damage to a random enemy for as long as caster has boosted health. Undispellable. (Baldur) Icon by @ferg

  1. Buffs - Existing but description can be improved. E.g. the element link descriptions use thinks like “small boost”, but the cards have direct %s…

a) Elemental Link Atk + Def Up – change to “Increases attack by 5%, and defense by 5%, to all heroes of the same colored element for 6 turns. Undispellable” Icon already available

b) Elemental Link Recover HP – change to "Recovers 4% HP per turn to all heroes of the same colored element for 6 turns. Undispellable Icon by @ferg

c) Elemental Link Weakness Defense up – change to "Increases defense by 46% against elemental attacks that the colored hero is weak to (indicated), to all heroes of the same colored element, for 4 turns. Undispellable Icon by @ferg

d) Elemental Link Mana up - change to "increases mana generation by 4% for all allies of the same colored element for 4 turns. Undispellable Icon already available

e) Element Link Critical up - change to "increases critical strikes chance (x2 damage) by 10% for all allies of the same colored element for 6 turns. Undispellable Icon by @ferg

f) Element Link Special Skill Defense up - change to "Increase defense against enemy special skills by 30%, for all allies of same colored element, for 4 turns. Undispellable Icon by @ferg

g) HP Regenaration - misspelled. Should be HP Regeneration.

  1. Ailments - totally new

a) Buff Immunity - target cannot receive new buffs for 3 turns (e.g. Costume Sabina, Edd) Icon by @ferg

b) Corrosive Poison - deals Poison damage and decreases target’s mana speed by an increasing amount per turn (e.g. Ingolf, Dark Lord, Blowfish Stinger enemies in Underwild Underwater) Icon here!

c) Corrosive Burn - deals Burn damage and decreases target’s defense by an increasing amount per turn (e.g. Asterius) Icon here!

d) Corrosive Frost - deals Frost damage and decreases target’s attack by an increasing amount each turn (e.g. Crystalis) Icon by @ferg

e) Abyss Ghost - For 4 turns, target cannot gain mana, can’t do normal attacks or cast special skills. Target is immune to normal attacks, specials, status effects and stacks. Last enemy in the battle cannot be affected by this. (Lepiota) Icon by @ferg

f) Mana speed decrease through fiend: Mana speed is reduced by x% as long as target has a fiend Icon by @ferg

g) Attack reduction through fiend: Attack is reduced by X% as long as target has a fiend Icon by @ferg

  1. Stacks - totally new

a) Recover HP per turn

b) Mana speed increased

Icons by @ferg

  1. Passive Abilities (in case we need em later) ! Note the numbering, all are 1-letter because originally i had them under 1 Buffs.

g) Special Skill Damage Reduction (Underwild): Received damage is reduced by 20% the first 3 times hero is hit by special skills (e.g. Gramps, Tettukh, Dr. Moreau, Phileas Fogg) Icon by @ferg

h) Increase Buff Duration (Underwild): Duration of first 3 buffs received from Special Skills is increased by 1 turn (e.g. Helo, Mack, Elizabeth) Icon by @ferg

i) Decreased Ailment Duration (Underwild): Duration of first 3 ailments received from Special Skills is decreased by 1 turn (e.g. Morris, Rokkamush, Russula) Icon by @ferg

j) Increased Special Skill Damage (Underwild); 30% additional power is added the first time this hero casts a damaging special skill (e.g. Poppy, Griffin, Zila Lei, Aouda) Icon by @Sam-I-Am

k) Start Battle with Mana (Underwild): hero receives 20% mana at the start of the battle (e.g. Vollermork, Prof Lidenbrock, Captain Nemo) Icon here

l) Mana Buff Per Status Ailment: mana speed increases when affected by ailment (e.g. Chakkoszrot)

m) Minion Effect Protection: resists negative effects and damage from minions (e.g. Devana, Vela) Icon by @ferg

n) Defense Ailment Protection: resists ailments affecting defense (but not elemental defense) (e.g. Malosi) icon for this!

o) Attack Buff on Mana Reduction: receives attack boost for x turns when mana is reduced (e.g. Yang Mai) Icon by @ferg

p) Water Damage Protection: resist water DoT damage (Yang Mai, Zocc) Icon by @ferg

q) Mana Gain per Ailment: gains a small amount of mana per status ailment Icon by @Sam-I-Am

r) Accuracy Protection: resists ailments affecting Accuracy (e.g. Bertila, Onatel) Icon by @ferg

s) Sand Damage Protection: resist sand DoT damage (Uraeus, Zulag) Icon by @ferg

t) Resist Health Drain: resists the health drain ailments (Malicna) Icon by @Sam-I-Am

u) Burn Damage Protection: resist burn DoT damage (Frosth) Icon by @ferg

v) Poison Damage Protection: resist poison DoT damage (Clarissa) Icon by @ferg

w) Attack Ailment Protection: resists ailments affecting attack (e.g. Raffaele) Icon by @ferg

x) Sparrow Summoner: summons sparrow minion for self when an enemy uses special skill to summon minions (Noor) Icon by @ferg

y) Minion Ailment Protection: resists ailments caused by minions (Bai Yeong) Icon by @Sam-I-Am

z) Buff Immunity Protection: resists ailments that make the hero immune to new buffs (Glenda) Icon by @Sam-I-Am

aa) Mana Speed Protection: resists ailments that decrease mana speed, but does not protect against mana block or mana steal (Reuben) Icon is here

ab) Healing Protection: resists ailments affecting healing (Grazul)

ac) Minion Protection: resists minion removal (Telluria) Icon by @ferg

ad) Mana Block Protection: resists ailments that block mana gain, but not mana steal or mana slow (Neith) Icon by @ferg

ae) Ailment Damage Reduction (Slayers): Damage from ailments reduced by 50% Icon by @ferg

ah) Ailment Cleanse by Minion Destruction: Ailments are cleansed when a minion owned by hero is destroyed Icon by @ferg

ai) Heal by Minion Destruction: Heals 50 HP when a minion owned by hero is destroyed Icon by @ferg

aj) Mana Gain by Minion Destruction: gains a small amount of mana, when a minion owned by them is destroyed Icon by @Sam-I-Am

ak) Holy Defense Up through Mana Reduction: hero gets increased defense against Holy element, when their mana is reduced Icon by @Sam-I-Am


The doing part seems somewhat time consuming and boring… but there’s lots of people on the forum who will be all over that. Let me help out on the promotions side



I got the refreshments and food side of it…
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popping in to ask - do we add HOTM resistances to the list? how about Underwild passive skills (e.g. start battle with 20% mana)? Edited - I think we do, I can see that the Midgard bonuses are included for example…

and if we do, do they count as Buffs? these are more like passive things that always apply, rather than buffs… they are also not Stacks, and certainly not Ailments…

@Mistress_of_Shadows can you send some pizza and gin over to me please lol


Elemental link mana generation
Gives small amount of mana to all allies of same colored elements
Can be overwritten by itself

I didn’t see Elradirs reflect

Reflect ailments damage
Reflects damage from status ailments without taking damage from them by itself
Can be overwritten by itself (I’m pretty sure that it can’t be by anything else)

If images are too blurry I can post full screenshots


:pizza: and :cocktail: theres an interesting combo but anything for u @sleepyhead


thanks @Radar1 I’ve added them to the list in my post above

thanks @Mistress_of_Shadows pizza is for energy, the gin is to motivate me lol


It’s a case of I don’t have majority of the heros to get the icons for the images… plus I’m not great at fiddley computer stuff… :woman_shrugging::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If I could do it myself I would Davecozy got the images from beta so that will be a plan for the future when new stuff is added.

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Do you only need the icon or with description?


C) Screenshot_20210816_163915






I think that’s missing in your list (haven’t found it), inate ability of slayers





2)Not in your list, not sure if it’s missing: (edit, found it, 1a already existing)





4, not in your list, not sure if missing:


I think they are only buffs if they count in buff booster tourneys.

Maybe a separate category for Passive Skills?

Thanks for the huge amount of work you put in to this, @sleepyhead :clap: :clap: :clap:





Missing in your list:

Undispellable mana slowdown through fiends (Elizabeth)










Your whole list @sleepyhead is missing secondary passive effects from new hotm (or I’m blind) but they are definitely not in the original list so here two new ones(probably part of category 1):


thanks @Tess_01 that’s a good one, perhaps I should mark them separately later.

@ferg awesome thanks for the screenshots!


OK, found this:

So it seems a lot of the passive abilities are already in a thread, so don’t know if we still need them.
Haven’t looked how up to date this thread is, but probably we shouldn’t add passive abilities into the buff thread.


cool, I agree, I’m going to move the passive abilities out of the main list - but keep them separate in case we do want to include them somewhere later!

also re your question, icon will do - description not needed (though it does help)!


have to head out now, so will continue later - have started adding links to Ferg’s posts in the main list, so we can more easily track which icons are still missing.

Thanks, this one is already included in the original Davecozy post.

I wasn’t sure about this, as it seems to be the same as existing mana slow ailments - just from a different source and with a different duration. Does it overwrite other mana slow ailments like Telly’s?

thanks, I must have missed a few - I was looking at the Wiki for reference and the last entry I saw was Bertila. I peeked at the ones I had (Yang Mai, Elradir, Devana) plus Chakosszrot as he’s featured this month, but must have missed some in-between ones. Will take a look later


Yes overwrites everything but is undispellable and unlike anything else without a preset duration. So although the symbol is the same, the effect is something completely different.
Wasn’t sure if it should get included or not but I would say it should.
That’s the only thing in the original list:

It says it can be overwritten but this new fiend effect can’t, so would say a new category.

Maybe something like: “mana gained decreased by fiend” and in the list were the effects are that can overwrite it just add nothing

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