Help A Brotha Out

First off I would like to say this game is awesome so great work on design and implementation.

Recently in my alliance I have had some veteran members both leave/stop playing, and others are saying they are going to do the same. When I have asked WHY? The overwhelming response (close to 100%) is that they are upset that they aren’t getting 5 star heroes and they feel it’s because they aren’t spending money on the game.
Personally I would say throw some money at the game. I do it all the time even though it hacks my wife off every time I do it. I believe that it’s worth it and I have no problem with people who spend money getting rewarded. I also have zero problem with Small Giant Games (SGG) wanting to make money off something they have spent years and tons of money developing.
That all being said I would hate to see any of my alliance members leave or worse, stop playing the game all together. I understand that SGG probably doesn’t need to worry about these players but, from a word of mouth marketing perspective, I hope SGG will consider a few ideas that might help keep these people around and talking about the game.
So that brings me to “Help A Brotha Out”
I would love it if players in the same Alliance could help other players out by “gifting” them items, gems, resources etc and even heroes. Before SGG totally dismisses this idea I would like you to consider this. These players aren’t spending money yet they are always playing your game. Therefore people are getting introduced to Empires and Puzzles by seeing it on their devices and hearing about it from current players. That’s how I heard about it and I’m a player who spends money. So SGG is not really losing money at all by allowing the sharing or resources and heroes within an Alliance.
I thought about players trying to rob other players blind because there are lots of P.O.S.s out there so here are a few things that could prevent that and I’m sure SGG could come up with more.
-allow each Alliance to decide whether they want to allow this or not.
-allow each Alliance to determine what members could share (gems but not heroes etc)
-put a restriction on the number of items that can be shared
-make it so a player has to be at a certain level or has been playing X number of days before they can give or receive gifts
-set up a rule where if someone leaves an alliance then they have to return any and all shared resources etc.

I hope you all consider my idea!

Thank you,


I would love to see this but I doubt SG will let it happen. There’s too much potential for abuse

Buying gems for others like on valentines day would possibly be a solution without multiple account abuse.

I love the general idea and the good intentions you obviously have. I’m the same way and have said that very thing in chat to players frustrated with the slow pace of acquiring a nice, filled out roster. I have so many duplicates of good/great 4*/5* heroes it’s ridiculous and they would be like a kid at Christmas to get any one of them. Good intentions or not though, other (more informed) players have pointed out countless ways for this to be abused. I can’t recall most of them mainly because I just don’t think like that but I do recall being surprised by some of them, being things I never could have concieved even if I was Trying to take advantage of the good hearted nature of others and/or the feature itself. I believe a combination of abuse potential, and the basic bottom line for SG is why that will never happen.
Perhaps one of our moderators (@zephyr1?) can post the link/s to the previous threads relating to this because I can’t for the life of me ever recall an old one when I’m trying to think of it lol.

@TimeWaister Welcome to the Forum!

Some existing related ideas, in no particular order:

There’s also extensive discussion of a variety of mechanisms of gifting in addition to trading in the master thread for such ideas:

There have been a bunch of topics created with similar ideas that were merged into that last thread.

While gifting is different than “trading,” there’s extensive enough discussion of gifting in that thread that I think it’s fruitful to continue discussion there, particularly given that thread has very high visibility, and we know the developers are aware of it.

I’ll close this thread, so discussion can continue over there. :slight_smile: