HELP!2 color fixed trouble

Like this,been running 2 tcs 13 for 2 months now…my team is kellile,hu,scarlett,grimm and aegir(prayed to the god for decent draw and he gives me him…)
Here is the problem,for a last month or so my 3 tc is rushing toward 20,believe this mockery can last for another month i believe,these 2 tc 13 are spitting ALL blue and reds yesterday another boril+sonya,what the hell team can u made of them?any thoughts?heroes i mentionted are only4&5 i have + their copycats from tcs following…tnx

I will assume that you have:

Kelile, Hu Tao, Scarlett, Grimm, Aegir, Boril and Sonya.

For now I would focus on making your attack team stronger; Kelile, Scarlett, Grimm and Sonya. You can also decide to bring Hu Tao up to 3/60, but I wouldn’t ascend him to 4th ascension level.

What other 3 star heroes do you have?

Hu did go to 4th(27/4),but im actually starting to like this team aegir(7/4),kellile(14/4),grimm(58/3),sonya(36/3),scarlett is still here(60/3) but i think far better replaced by sonia…bad 3’s not planning to put any of them

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