Hells Psych Ward - Recruiting

Hello lovelies,

We are looking for a few members, preferably lvl 40+. Small, fun and friendly environment with a sprinkle of sarcasm. Knowledgeable…to an extent.

Currently maintaining 5* titans, yeah, we’re that small. You grow, we grow, titan grow. Team work is fundamental in making this alliance a home, we encourage a drama free environment (I mean, we’re too small for drama anyway).

We know life can get in the way of a game, so feel free to put life on hold if necessary. :grin:

Line is mandatory…

We look forward to playing and growing with you.


May be looking for new alliance - drama going on in xurrent one, i just want to play and win wars, i have 3 accounts, all with top team over 4200

Level 58,57 and 43 are the levels my 3 accounts are on

The door is open, we’re more than happy to have you with us.

Still looking for those members…

Spots still available, check us out, no drama, no stress, just enjoying the game as it should be. :grin:

How about merging with us? We cleaned house and have 5 spots open! Chaos Brigade. Mostly americans and croatians :slight_smile:

6 spots actually …

@KingKurtice, thank you for the offer, but we arent interested in a merger at this moment.

Good luck to you and your alliance.

Still looking for members, dont be shy, come say hi…:blush:

Ok, no problem!..

Down to 23 spots, lol.

Bump! Dont be a stray come in and play!

Bump! 1 spot gone, 22 left! Yay!!

Bump! Still wanting those members!

Bumpity bump!!! Spaces still available…

Buuummpp!!! Come say hiiiii!

If you’re happy and you know it come say hi!

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