Hello, second 4* rainbow and overpurpling dilemma

First and foremost, hi. I’m new to the forum, fou months gaming and decided to start an account. Nice to meet you all.

I’m triying right now to figure out my second 4 stars rainbow team, and it’s being quite triky.

I’m a pure f2p, and my favourite part of the game is summoning new heroes (ironically); so I’ll say I love events, and Atlantis, and not really care about raiding.

My first 4 rainbow at 4/70 was Tiburtus, Kashreek, Boril, Boldusk, Wu.
I have started my second with Proteus (already 4/70).
I have the following mats: 3 compass, 16 gloves (tipical), 12 blades, 13 shields, 9 orbs, 8 tools, 12 capes.

My 4* roster:

Yellow: (no contestands, thoug Drake and Neith at 2/60).
Red: Kelile 3/47 and Colen 1/1. (Also Puss in boots, 1/40, he should wait).
Blue: Agwe 3/60 (7/8) and Sonia 3/60 (8/8).
Green (all abilities 8/8 except stated otherwise) LittleJ 3/60, Sikttle 3/60, Caedmond 3/60, Melendor 2/16 (3/8).
Purple (too many, too good, I’m overpurpled): Gafar 3/60, Merlin 3/60, Tiburtus2 1/30 ;Sabina, Ridgard (and costume), Proteus and another two Tiburtus at 1/1. (Aand Ursena 2/60, and Grimble 2/17)

My questions:

1 I assume I should start with 3 4* rainbows before even thinking on ascending any 5*. ¿Should I focus on my good purples or create my second rainbow?

2 I lack other 4* yellow. Got a TC20. If I get compass, Drake or Neith to 3/70 or wait?

3 I lack snippers, lots of AOE though. But my healers are Kash an BT (only options at the time), and some 3*, but well. So, who takes prefference, snipers or healers?

Thanks for your advices.

I would focus on the purples so that you have option to stack color for events n stuff. Gafar is the only fast 4* dark I can think of, except Cheshire Cat, so I think he is a good choice. Rigard I would also max because with the costume you have, his stats are great.

With Kashh, Boril, BT and Wu in your first 4, there’s plenty of support - healing, boosting, riposte… But only one attacker.

I’d look to rectify that in team #2 - a bit of AoE/Snipe/mana control.

Team #2 doesn’t necessarily have to be rainbow, most good players are going to use stacks in attacking raids/wars, in events and even maps… But if/when rainbow makes sense, you already have the potential to field one.

Dark: Proteus is absolutely worth it - great pick right there.
Merlin is great fun, putting him together with Proteus you can shut down 4 enemies at once… That’s serious control-freak fun!
Gafar is a very good 4* attacker.
Rigard is way up there as a 4* healer and with costume bonus even moreso.

Holy: if you had the Damascus/tome and darts it might be worth maxing Drake… With a bottleneck at compasses though, it’d be an investment timewise (until you’re working through asc. 4 a 4.70 4* would be stronger)… Probably a pass for now.

Ice: I’d prioritize a blue in the compass race - Boril is a great 4* defence tank but he’d be a very low pick for me on raid offense, maps or events.
Agwe is poorly regarded for good reason and a dispeller is very useful to have - do Sonya and don’t look back.

Nature: usually between Caed and Mel for the best of what you’ve got - even doing Sonya, I’d do Caed as well… Can never have too much dispel and he’s a useful 4* sniper.

Fire: Kelile is a very solid 4* sniper, there’s nothing wrong with doing her… Doing Sonya, Caed and Kelile is a lot of snipe and no AoE though. I’d finish her and then rush Colen next, you’re not short of blades to do that (and hopefully by then more compasses are in the picture).

First three compasses for me: Sonya, Caed, Merlin…
Next up: Kelile, Colen, Rigard.

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Welcome!! You’ve come to a great source for game advice!

I’d focus on creating some solid 3/2 teams for war. They’ll be more effective than rainbow.

Try to get a healer, cleanse and dispel on each team. Heroes like sabina and Mel are great since they can do two of those three things allowing you to add another fast hitter to the lineup.

Definitely work on your 4s over 5s for now… they’ll get your farther, faster.


Welcome to the forum!
You have a very good roster, I’d say.
In my opinion your first team lacks firepower. I’d max Caedmon, Sonya, Kelile (or Colen).
Also, I’d max Melendor and Rigard. Melendor is a better green healer than Kashhrek and much more versatile. Rigard is the only 4* cleanser of your team’s ailments.

I think that by the time you complete this some yellow 4* will appear.

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Go mono my friend. At the end you dont use rainbows at all, well in my case. With mono teams in war I can beat teams with 4300 power where mines are like 3600 and 3700 max. It takes time, but my suggestion is that you start building monocolor teams asap. With luck with future pools!!! 3-2 teams and 4-1 are also good options. It depends on the sinergy btw heroes.


Thanks for the kind answers.

That’s a good point, but wouldn’t it make me weak against titans? Still strugling against six star ones, using either 3-1-1 (BT and Wu), 3-2 or mono. I normally didn’t get better scores than 20000 against them, unlike with 5 stars ones.

Yea, that’s exactly how I felt.

Thank you for the clear answer. I should point that I do have a second Proteus (at 1/1), but maybe Merlin will be better as he causes direct damage and his effect could cause a fully charged mana bar go to waste.

Thanks, in fact, I rarely use rainbow, as I had read in the forum, and experienced miself that staking tends to be better (except maybe for autofarming stage 8-7 and for hard Atlantis which, I don’t know why, I still plays with my 4* rainbow; probably the 4* 3/60 are to frail for that). But I had also read that for staking is better to gather one rainbown, then a second and then a third, so that you could have more combinations earlier. May I have misunderstand this?


That’s it. So you also feel than hitters would get me further than healers now? And Kelile or Colen? Not interested on my deffense/team (except for war), just events, titans, war and map.

Thanks, I do mono on war, with less succes than you, but probably I lack experience. But my mono dark is quite stong even with just Tib and Proteus at 4/70 (Merlin, Gafar, Ursena, Tiburtus, Proteus). Would you still ascend other darks over other colors at the stage of the game I’m in? If so, Ridgard? And Zeline for more heal, or Proteus2, or Merlin or Gafar? This is one of the hardest decisions for me…

Really thanks for all the replies. I didn’t want to make my first post longer than what already is, but as a f2p I’m not still in a position to compete on challenge events, I started to finish epic just recently.
This is really a fun, but difficult choice. And I don’t ever addressed the emblens problem, as I have still less than 300 of each tipe, after four months of grinding, and was thinking to save them for 5*, wich could be a bad move, as I have read that it takes over 1500 emblems to rise a 5* to 20/20.

That’s a hard choice. Kelile is a fast sniper, while Colen is slow. On the other hand, Colen’s attack stat is much higher and this is good for titans.

To go mono one needs a deep roster of each color. Ideally with a healer at each color, I’d say. For a player that thinks about a second rainbow team it is too early to think about mono teams.

I’d start with 3+2 as @Math4lyfe said. Personally, I like this formula more then mono and use it in most cases (wars, raids). The exceptions are titans and challenge events. Rainbow team is good for farming.


Easier to get heroes maxed in a 3/2 color scheme that work well together (heal, dispel, cleanse, snipe… etc). Mono takes a bit more time to get the right heroes on the bench… let alone maxed.

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Thanks for all the answers. I have started ascending Ridgard, at the very least to 3/60, when he gets there (and costume) I will think again about my purple dilemma.
I’m leaning strongly toward doing Sonya and Caedmon, get Kelile to 3/60, then Colen and then choose between them, unless more compasses come in the meanwile.
If not compass, it will be one of both, or maybe a purple…


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