Hello. Noob here

So hello. Im basically a level 20 noob. Just kinda winging it this whole time. Finally thought I should ask for some help haha


Who do you think I should focus on leveling up?

Finish Wu Kong and then Bane
Finish Cyprian and then Balthazar

And I suggest you to read this topic, it could help your E&P’s experience :slight_smile:


And don’t be afraid to ask for help as needed.


Leveling 3* is quick and gives you a set of heroes to fight with. I would finish Bane, Belith, Balthazar and Gunnar first.

Please consider saving your talent emblems for 4* and 5*, you’ll need them much more there than your 2*s.

If your goal is maximum speed on growing your bench, then leveling 1 hero per color with same color feeders is a good way, because the feeders give more xp. If you would like to get a specific hero up quickly, then you could feed all feeders. I have been doing same color feeding and advise that for my alliance family mates also.

Heroes worth leveling per color imo
Blue: Kiril, wait with Isarnia because you probably don’t have the ascension materials for her and check the forum for experiences on Captain of D. Boril is ok on mid-level, as a tank for example, but you probably wouldn’t use him after diamond arena.
Red: Boldtusk is very good, Colen is ok
Yellow: Wu is a must for titans
Green: Melendor, then Kashrek - Kash can also serve well as tank for a long time.
Purple: finish Cyp, Rigard

Bt, Kiril and Rigard are all excellent healers,you are lucky!

Some links to start with:


First off thank you both for fast and very helpful responses. Been tryna read up on strategies and this and that and seen I should focus on a 3 star squad but I never knew why. I was like I got 4 stars. Why would I need to keep messin with these little guys. Psshhh. Haha.

So yeah decided to yeah focus on Belith, Bane, Balthazar, Gunner and hope I get a 3 star red. (One of the reasons why I used the talent things on Shaarkot because it was my only red they would give me so did what I could with what I got haha. Plus they just popped up one day when I was learnin stuff I was like ooh new toy. What do these do lol) so should I use my reset emblem on Shaak and then feed him to Boldtusk or just keep him for now as is?

I do have enough ingredients for isarnia for at least one level up and possibly 2 depending on how many it would take. Does that change anything? Lol Kinda like her

And lastly (for now at least) should I keep all my other 3 stars I’m not usin or feed em to the ones I’m workin on. I assume I should keep all 4 stars. It’s iust the isshtak, 2 Balthazar’s Friar tuck who I don’t think I can get rid of. Just looks like a happy dude lol and all the others. Holy shnkikies I just wrote a lot. My. Bad. Lol Thank you if you got this far

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I wouldn’t waste your reset emblem on Shaarkot; reset emblems will probably be rare enough that you’ll want to hang onto that. I imagine it would be a fairly low gem cost, and you’ll lose only a small amount of emblems - the reset would return all of them, but I think that’s more valuable to save for later, perhaps.


I keep one of every 3*, two of all 4* and 5*………(please don’t call that Hoarders show!)

You will need them if you’re going to do challenge events, and you will start to learn color stacking as you progress in raids and in wars, so having several of each color, with different abilities is important.

Also the emblem trials limit you to certain classes of heroes, so the more you have to choose from to form your teams the better.

Look for a good training alliance…there are many, and you can start here on the forums in the Alliance Recruitment section. The in-game AR is a bit of a madhouse, here is easier to ask questions and hopefully find the right one. Don’t be afraid to let a group know it’s just not a good fit, and move on. Most everyone tries a few before settling in, and some just like to move around.

Just don’t bail during war (that includes after matching starts) or you leave the group in a bad spot.

Good luck, this is a great game with a great group of helpful players…….most of all have fun and enjoy the game!

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Hold on to Shaarkot just the way he is for now. You’ll still use him in wars for a while.
The reasoning behind leveling 3 first is yes, they are cheaper to level and you’ll be able to max them without having any having to use unfarmable mats. They will then be your core heroes that will be used to get through at least the first level of challenge events and will help you get those unfarmable ascension materials that you need for finishing your 4 and 5* heroes.
After you finish at least one rainbow team of 3s then start working on 4s. I know 5* Isarnia is shiny and 5* are pretty, they are super expensive to level! Leave her where she is at for now and focus on your other blue heroes.
You are off to a great stsrt!


I agree on getting ur 3s up there. But I c u have a ton of extra purple laying around. Feed Rigard. He is probably one of the best healers. I have him right now and not only is he a hard hitter he has good health and a good shield

That’s where I keep him and that is an older pic. With him healing and Mother Earth doing it too plus the fact that she resurrects people can really turn what looks like a lost match around. But back to my advice while u have lots of purple get Rigard going.

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I would recommend to keep Shaarkot as is, but don’t use more emblems on him.

Low level ascension materials are farmable, you get more the more you work. But final tier ascension materials for 4* and 5* are non-farmable, depending on your luck (and willingness to spend money), could take several months to get get everything for Isarnia. 4* are a bit easier, but you still depending on luck. Sources of high level ascension materials are titan loot, titan chest, war, war chest, monster chest, raid chest, elemental chest, mystic vision, events and quests. You need some heroes to fight with to get more chance for mats.


You need 30 heroes for war, so you would probably want to keep 3*s for now.

Keep up the good work and the learning! :blush:

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This is a tough one because your roster has given you a lot of great healers and zero 4 or 5* sniper heroes. As a result, a lot of my thoughts go into dragging out fights and trying to keep Wu alive long enough to fire. For this reason, I’d work on a second healer.

If it were me feeding this team, I’d go:

Rigard (with the idea of eventually benching Cyprian)
Melendor (I might’ve picked Boldtusk instead, but you’ve already been feeding Melendor)
…and stick with Colen for now.

This will hopefully help you keep Wu and Isarnia alive long enough to unleash some really devastating nastiness. I say Rigard, because having a cleanser will increase your survivability.

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