Hello new here

Anyone got tips and tricks to enhance my gameplay :blush:

Check out YouTube. Lots or of tips and tricks for newcomers. Or you could check out gameplay threads on this very forum. The only thing I didn’t find before o made the mistake is don’t feed your 3s to your 4s and 5*s. You will need them for monthly events. Also although throwing money at the game could give you a edge that’s not guaranteed.

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Oh yeah. Biggest thing ever. Don’t let the game anger you. So many people get so upset by their prescription of bad luck. Its a fun game but a very slow game. You really need patience for it.

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When you hit level 4, you can join an alliance. Make sure you join one that is designed and focused on teaching new players. Make sure the players in it are active.


There’s a thread of useful resources for newcomers and experienced players alike. I recommend starting with Coppersky’s Compendium as the basic starter resource.


Thx for you all for your fast response, i will put that to use. :slight_smile:

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Welcome! Just check out the player guides and gameplay and tactics. If you need speciffic help just open a topic. The community will help you :thinking:


Im also new here, about a month playing time only. can you help me decide guys which hero to level up. I have a 3.60 chao and 1.1 G. jackal. so far my chao is the highest level of all my heroes I use him as my tank, and I only have one complete material to escend either of the two. which should I continue to level?

Personally, I’d recommend Jackal. He’s more fragile than Chao, but his attack stat is extremely high, and if you then partner him with Chao even at 3/60 you can do a nice amount of damage with a one-two Jackal then Chao special attack.

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thanks. looking for somebody to second emotion my thoughts. no max hero for me yet. not for this month though :grin:

Jackal, for the reasons listed above

Sounds good, been reading the forums and heroes information. Is it better to get all five colors or ditch one for two heroes same color to boost power?

No, stop. Just because you can does not mean you have to.

Do you have a team that is meant to play togetrher, or do you need pieces?


Paulon, you’re on the right track with that advice.

Before putting advice found to your question, check search as every question seems to have been answered before and you need diverse opinions

chris do you know how to obtain warm vests to final sscend 4* and 5* heroes?

Hey Debtrunner,

the anwer is quite often “depends on”. I personally like to have a rainbow team (means one colour each) but for raiding against a multiple colour team or titans it makes more sense to have 2 or 3 of the strong colour against opponent. Also if e.g. one colour hero is quite weak and you have another colour much stronger it is better to have your strong colour twice than to have a weaker team in total. Keep in mind that missing colour tiles do no damage and try to estimate if this damage gap can be covered by the second strong hero.

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yeah I had been checking some post before I asked. and I red that you should form a full rainbow color before you proceed before your next rainbow team. but I’m very hesitant to level chao cause g. jackal seems to be more promising. that’s why I asked you guys for your opinion. since, I already asked might as well help me out with this too. I just have 3 compasses and I will be giving the other one to G. jackal. the other two which I have full ascension material is for red and green heroes. should I ascend grave maker who is 2.50 now for the red and Gregorian who is 2.16 for the green. or wait for a worth-it 4*. I have G.falcon and Caed only to choose from my 4* benches both at 1.1… I want to level those 2 hotm because they have a high rating in RedPython’s table.

Warm capes ascend blue 4* and 5* heroes. You get them in chests, titan loot, war loot, elemental chests

Adding to what @Branwen said, they can also drop as a guaranteed loot in the 4th level of the Rare Quest: Frostmarch (which just so happens to be the current one in the quest docket for another 6 hours or so as of this writing 07/19/2018 10AM CST).

If you are still relatively new and heroes are still lower leveled, you might want to wait and get your roster beefed up to be around the suggested power level on the level (doable if you have slightly lower number with battle items, but it will still be a challenge). I held off on doing some of these quests when my heroes were too weak, but I do them now every time they come around.

Don’t worry if you missed Frostmarch this time, it will come back again in the future.

Okay, about g falcon: this hero is very good BUT his elemental debuff special requires a solid red hitter. He is a side kick, so you don’t push him until he has a leader/partner. Jackal is just like that.

Gregorian is a very nice acquisition. He is well worth maxing imo, BUT he adds very little to your team’s abilities until he hits that 4th tier. This leaves you spending resources with little return.

Work on a raid team and a farming team first, and ignore defense in favor of offense when choosing which hero gets fed.

Resources and recruits. Get training camps to 11 twice and a 12. The 11s just keep churning out heroes while 12 banks ham at a better rate per recruit than 11. The only reason to queue more than three days at tc11 is if you are going on vacation.

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Thx for your post guys, very usefull. posted another on about my lineup, fast responce once again, nice community. soon will be bane, little john, kiril, Gafar, valen. Until i get a fast red, im keeping 2 ice and dumped red for now.