Hello, looking for a new alliance

Not big 3-5 stars
20 char

You could try the Pirate Rangers, part of the Pirate Horde family and hitting 9*/10* titans. @SupremeAlienRaptor @voidstrike ☠ The Pirate Horde – [3 spots open] 11-14* Titans, 4200+ TP recommended but optional, War optional but all flags and coordination required if opted in


thanks for your reply, I’ll check them out


Hello Wardaddy,

5150[OG] International Family Looking Alliance/Drama Free

  • Mid-range alliance that is fighting 8-9* titans
  • Entire alliance hitting the titan daily as many time as needed
  • All war flags must be used if you are opt’d in
  • A war strategy that is used to maximize flags & points (communication before you hit)

Line ID-oldmananddog63
Sincerely Thank You In Advanced !

Here’s our link too for Pirate Rangers which @Sarah2 mentioned.


I shall throw the proverbial hat into the ring and embarrass myself seeing who has already made offers. :laughing:

We’re currently hitting 9* titans. :slightly_smiling_face:

In any case, good luck in finding the right alliance for you.

The Shops family is one of the longest running houses in the game founded by Mama Bear.!

Our rules are pretty simple…
~ No trophy requirements.
~ Titan & War participation… Got flags??? Use em b!+*h!
~ Do the basics with sarcasm & find fun again with the game.
~ Line required.
~ English speaking.
~ Adults only.

3 Shops… 1 crazy, sarcastic, fun family.
If you are interested in joining the fun, message me in Line at jadebutterfly75 or our founder/leader at Mama…Bear (2dots)

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Hi there! You sound perfect for our Alliance. Check out Rockets Red Glare. Come hang out with us for a War or 3 and see what you think. You will never be ridiculed or made to feel dumb for asking a questions most of our members have been around over a year. Our goal is bench and player growth.

You have some good options above, but I will add Order of Gaia, led by @ARQ.

We are a small, casual, international alliance. We are currently hitting 6* titans, but have taken down our share of 7* titans in the recent past, so with one more on board, I think we’d be in your range.

We’re small; only nine of us fight in wars. We do not have a war strategy, and our members are a mixture of levels. Check us out if none of the above suit.

Titans at Mystic are 7* - 8* right now. This is the current one and you can see how fast it’s falling.

Would you like more info?


Hey Ice_Saber I"m iterested, you sound like a good fit, what next ?

Check out RockeyRampage. We are active and fun. We have members from all over the world. We are currently hitting 8-9* titans

Come to dragon boy extreme. We are an active laid back group. We would love to have you!!

Elite Empires. Green tanks for war. 8* titans

Hey Wardaddy. The Fifth Element may be a good fit for you. Come check us out. Our leader is Lilu.

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We have Crew Rabid Wardogz, there a warm and fun place to call a home. Give a try and become crew you have a great source as well to get input from other crew if you want their insight. Good luck

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If you haven’t found a home yet, America Odyssey would love to have ya.

Hi @Wardaddy! You would fit perfectly numbers-wise in our alliance! We are a supportive alliance currently fighting 8-10 star Titans. We would like people to fight Titans daily & use all war resources, but these are unusual times & we don’t want to create unneeded stress. It’s ok to opt out of wars. Most of us have been together over a year, but some new, energetic and encouraging players have recently joined, giving us some new great chemistry. We all learn & grow together.

Come check out our Ohana!! Be sure to copy the name exactly or you will end up on a ghost ship with our leader’s old account that he had to abandon…All but two followed, starting all over, which gives you an idea of the family we have become!

My game name is Shining. I hope to see you there!!! :bouquet: :crossed_swords::bouquet:

+Knights of the Cross+
(Our current leader is Raycon)

@Wardaddy check us out mate, we fight 9-10* titan & we run a simple war strategy.

“Together we’ll win” has a great environment. If you are still looking, we would love for you to come check it out. We have room for 1 at this time. You can reach me on line. Just search for “backwardzz”.

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