Hello, looking for a new alliance

Join Dragon Warrior Project

Thanks, is that your line Id? Haven’t ever used line but can download it, thanks for the time


Come to Manada de Lobos
Bruant is the leader

Moonshine warriors have a open spot, currently hitting 10*/11* titans.
Titan hits a must but check on alliance chat, war is optional, we understand if you need to opt out once in a while.
we have members from USA, Europe and Asia.
Come check us out

You’d be very welcome at The Knights Oath. We have 25 players at the moment from USA, Asia and Europe.

We hit 8 or 9* titans and have good commitment to destroying them all!

Please search for us in the Alliance tab and try us out. We chat in game and also in Line, where we share deeper tactics and general game information.

Your defence looks good. If no-one has mentioned it already you might want to try and sub out one of your purples for a different colour. I agree QoH will be a great addition to your team when she’s ready.

We also use green tanks for war so your Telluria will be ideal.

Good luck with whoever you choose. We’d be very happy to have you in The Knights Oath too!

:pirate_flag: SKELETON CLIQUE [28/30] 12* Titans
Nuff said.

This thread is already overflowed with possibilities, but let me suggest another one:

Northern Ice. We kill titan levels 9-11. We are currently 29/30. In general you seem to be a good fit.

You’re probably overwhelmed with great options but let me add another one :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey War daddy if your still looking for an alliance check us out at Forsaken Syndicate. We are working on 8, 9 sand 10* Titans. Drama to a minimum, always learning more and eager to help each other out

Yes. It’s my line id. We can help you get going once i get your message.

Let me know if you need help when you download. :blush:

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Check out Fellowship of the Kitten, hitting 7-9* titans and we are a casual but serious alliance :smile:

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Your timing is good. We are just about to kick off a new family chat with sister alliance Misfit Toys and have a week of festivities planned. From what I’ve seen so far, its shaping up to be loads of fun, allowing the alliances to get to know each other even better.

I’m looking forward to showing you around.

:blush:. :snowflake::crossed_swords:


hello Wardaddy, you are welcome to join us “Gilded Choas”, we fight 9-10* titans and using green tanks for war.

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Hi Wardaddy,
You are more than welcome in our alliance " Global Havoc".
We use all the war flags and titan flags (8,9*) and we have war plans and use line to share information.
We are from all around the world, different time zones which make us to plan the wars easily.
I’m looking forward to see you there.
My game account name is the same with this one.

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Try 7 Days We Farted. We are friendly farters but serious gamers. Hitting 10s titans. Just try and its up to you if you stay.

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@Wardaddy. Our door is open. Just jump in and we’ll help you get settled in.

Hope to see you soon. :blush:


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Cool, I’m going to finish the war today, and see if we kill this titan (4* prolly won’t be able too lol) , drop current tag then thanks , something crazy I see your in KC, I’m in Topeka, small world !
Have a good one


If you are still looking,please check use out, The 7empest, we are looking for another member, very friendly, chatty, active and helpful alliance.

Not quite KC, but very close. I’m on the MO side now.
Was in Leavenworth last year (army officer connection).

Looking forward to meeting you. If you have line going before then, just message me and I’ll get you in chat there.


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Any update on your progress?
Do you need assistance?