Hello I suggest a small change to the game

hello, I suggest a small change to the game .1 add gold and silver prizes to the prizes. 2 add a gold or silver token in the smithy 3 so that people can sometimes receive the call of epic and legendary heroes. Conduct moderation of chat rooms and take away alliances of people who are 30 -100 days are not present in the game. It is very harmful to the war of alliances and there are big disputes. If there are those wishing to support this project. Thank you all in advance.

There is already a mechanism for getting free epic hero pulls, and that is the slow trickle of gems.

Same for silver tokens - they are already free every day and are quite common loot in chests.

As for the alliance problem, yes, lots of people agree with you on that one :blush:

Have 40 or 60 day none active automatic boot out if allience allowing those that go on holidays for a month a chance.

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