Hello! I need help with my team


I have a team with Sartana (x2), Joon, Vivica and Lianna but a dropped Magni yesterday do you think I should change my defensive team with my new blue hero and if you think: yes… could you tell me why? Also if the answer is no.

I have a beatiful problem is breaking my mind. I have all the materials needed for max ascention.

Hope you understand my english.

Thank you in rigard I mean regards XD


What a wonderful problem to have! My two cents… I find it easier to beat teams that I raid if they have more than one player of the same color. I raid teams over 4000 team power and most of the teams that give me a hard time are rainbow teams. I’m sure other people see it differently, so I think best is to change it up and see for yourself.


Thank you pobjaw great advise. I think I will take out one Sartana then, and wait until I get my red one and have a rainbow team.

I will make prove and mistake tests.


I would flank joon with your 2x Sartana. Anyone coming at joon with purples will splash your Sartanas and regret it!


@ Annieb. That’s certainly an option, and one worth looking into. My preference is to face a team with two similar colors. Ex: I see Joon sandwiched by two Sartanas, my attack team will probably be two purples and two yellows with a boldtusk to top it off. But if it works for you, great! I just wish I had the problem the OP had!! Lol


Indeed - me too ! :slight_smile:


I own Magni, and I love him, but I use him mostly for Offense. He’s on my defense team because he’s my only leveled 5*, not because I think Magni is great on defense.

I also like the idea of:

Hero [Sartana] [Joon] [Sartana] Hero


I’ll try this. Right now my line-up is this way


Because Vivica is slow so I want she is ready as soon as possible if she made it there is a big chance to win… I think XD. Besides I dont want two same color next to each other.

Until now has been worked but want to see magni in action now! Hahaha


What blue regular hero (not Hotm or event) would you pick if you could? What would you prefer?

Sorry for my english.


Is there a thread about 5* teams but with only regular 5* teams those you can have without money o toooooo much luck?


I started a “How can you beat Guin[evere] with only regular heroes?” thread, does that count? :wink:

As to your blue 5* question: my first pick for a regular 5* Blue was going to be Magni, followed by Richard or Isarnia (I don’t have either). I like hammers and ice princesses, so I was cool either way! :grin:


I have Magni and i m happy with him on ofensiv , especialy when i pair him with Alasie vs GM , Totaly usefull in Titans and war, it is a good balanced hero , once his special kicked in , usualy it is a win, my personal opinion… good luck


Then I have the best regular blue :grin:.

I have Thorne also but I guess he does not count even in the bech :disappointed:


Thank you Panzer I can not wait to see him in action! :smiley:


We are twins! My only 5*’s are Magni and Thorne! :grin:


Then you know what I mean… brother! :grin: